Planning a wedding can be stressful, and so can each day leading up to the big one! Being a bride can bring lots of emotions and stress onto your shoulders, some good and some bad. Becoming engaged is a happy and exciting time, but it often comes with lots of planning and to-do’s as well right after you say “Yes!”. Learning common wedding stress triggers before you begin planning will allow you to enjoy your big day much more and worry a little less! Learn below four common wedding stress triggers and how you can cope with them effectively so you can enjoy every minute of the beginning of your new chapter!

Four Common Wedding Stress Triggers

Becoming newlyweds can bring stress on both bride and groom! Learn below four of the most common wedding stress triggers to avoid getting overwhelmed during your wedding planning.


We all love our family but know sometimes they can overstep into our personal life. Having opinions from close family can be helpful when looking for opinions or advice, but it can make things worse if they become too nosy or involved. No one knows you better than your family, but sometimes it’s best to keep things separate from each other, especially when the day is all about you. Worrying about your family during your wedding planning and wedding day will add extra stress to your big moment. How you plan and spend on your wedding day should be up to you and not involving every family member. It may be hard to please both you and your family, but at the end of the day, it is your wedding day, not theirs.


Money is a common stressor in everyday life and not just wedding planning. Conversations about money can be challenging, as can budgeting for your wedding. Many wedding costs can be surprising even if you have mastered the art of wedding planning and budgeting. It’s important to remind yourself that weddings can be expensive and you don’t always have to go above and beyond if you are not comfortable with doing so. There are many different types of wedding services, including elopements, smaller weddings, drive-thrus, and more that may be more affordable, less stressful, but all the same beautiful. Weighing out various options beforehand and having a wedding when you are financially ready are great ways to avoid the shock of high costs and stress when the time comes. 

Guest List

Picking and choosing who can come to your wedding when you are on a tight list is a bride and groom’s nightmare. Making cuts from both sides of the wedding is challenging and is something no one wants to do. Making a guest list with fiancés and their parents can bring about more stress and opinions on who to invite. Cutting the list can be painful, but it is important to invite people you genuinely know, not people your family believes should be there. Your budget, venue space, and other important factors must be considered during this process, and understand that you are not hurting anyone’s feelings. Planning your list ahead of time and coordinating with your budget and venue will allow you to save on some stress before making seating arrangements. 


Having a wedding that is memorable for not only you but also your guests, is something every engaged couple strives for! But what your guests don’t see is the stress, late nights, and excessive detail planning that goes into planning the perfect wedding. The expectations of both you and your guests are important but not as important as they should be compared to other things. As long as you enjoy your wedding and memorable day, that should be all that matters. Worrying about the weather, the food, what your family or friends may think, who sits next to whom at the table, and so on, will only add more stress and worry to your plate. Worry less about what others will think and more about how to have a good time and soak up every minute!

How To Deal With Wedding Stress

Dealing with the wedding stress may be easier said than done. Understanding that wedding planning will be stressful can help you realize you need to go slow and pace yourself. Hiring a wedding planner to help you with the planning process will allow you to deal with your stress and take some of the load off your plate. Choosing a wedding service that doesn’t involve a huge guest list or choosing to elope are other great options to better deal with wedding stress instead of hosting a huge event. Accepting the help of others is also a great way to manage wedding stress, even if you think you can do it on your own. Help from your mother, sister, maid of honor, and other people who want to lend a helping hand will go a long way during your wedding planning time.

Wedding Tips and Wedding Officiants in Boston, MA

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