If you’re planning a wedding, there is no doubt that a lot goes into having the perfect wedding day; with that comes lots of stress in making the guest list, finding the ideal venue, the dress, the flowers, and so much more. Planning a wedding should be exciting and something to look forward to, but it seems there are endless things to worry about. You should not remember your wedding day as a stressful time. It should be the most magical, stress-free, and memorable day of your life! Here are six tips on how to have a stress-free wedding!

6 Tips For a Stress-free Wedding:


Hire a wedding planner

If you’ve ever planned or are planning a wedding, you recognize there is so much more that goes into it than you can imagine. Trying to take care of all the pre-wedding stuff like venues, guests, food and drinks, and on the list goes, is not even close to stress-free. Spending a little extra money to hire a professional wedding planner who deals with all this stress regularly completely takes the load off your back. You can rest assured knowing your day will be memorable and more enjoyable without stressing over every detail. 

Give someone the responsibility of your phone

Nothing is more stressful than trying to get ready, and people are texting you or calling for help or information. Dedicating a bridesmaid or family member the responsibility of your phone for the day makes the event a little more stress-free for you. Your wedding day is all about you and your new husband or wife. There is no time to worry about guests getting lost on their way to the wedding or having the incorrect address. The day from start to finish is all about you and your new journey together. 

Bring an extra dress or comfy shoes

Everyone loves picking out the perfect wedding dress, but it is crucial to ensure that dress is comfortable for the whole event. A stress-free tip would be to bring another comfier or shorter dress that’s easier to walk in. With that second dress and a comfortable pair of shoes, of course, it lets you no longer stress about being able to dance all night with family and friends. You will not have to worry about cutting your feet on high heels or tripping and getting your beautiful wedding gown ruined.  

Plan extra time for getting ready & pictures

No one likes to be rushed getting ready on an average day, especially not on your wedding day. To remain stress-free on the big day, you must leave plenty of time for you and your bridal party to get ready. Getting ready together with professional hair and make-up artists is supposed to be fun and an enjoyable memory for everyone. It’s fun to drink mimosas and take pictures before, during, and after your make-up and hair are complete. These memories are fun to look back on, and jumping the gun or not having enough time can lead to nothing but stress on your wedding day!

Know that something will go wrong, and that is okay

Wouldn’t it be nice that everything would always work smoothly and be 100% perfect? Unfortunately, that is never the case, and perfect doesn’t exist. Understanding this and just going with the flow allows you to have a stress-free wedding. Shaking off, whatever happens, that wasn’t planned, lets couples be their happiest and most authentic selves. There is no need to get hung up on the little things, especially ones you cannot control at the end of the day. Some guests may be late, the food may take a little longer to come out, or everything you imagined may not work out as planned. When looking back at your special day, none of that will matter, and you will be able to soon laugh at it. All that matters is you brush it off and stay stress-free for the rest of your day. 

Be present

Lastly, the most important tip for having a stress-free wedding is to be present! Live in the moment and soak up every minute of your special wedding day. The day is about you and your new husband or wife; the rest does not matter. It is a time when everyone who loves and supports you is in one room cheering you on as you start this new chapter in your life. If you are full of stress and not enjoying yourself, you will forever remember your wedding day as just that. Enjoying yourself and being stress-free is the best way to have the perfect wedding day!


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