Nowadays, not everyone is into big, fancy weddings. A large wedding can be costly and stressful down to planning every last detail of your big day. If you are looking to avoid that hassle, there are other ways for you and your partner to tie the knot. Quick wedding services, including one-day weddings, are a great way to be pronounced married. If you are wondering about the quickest way to get married, our wedding officiants are here to help. Discover below some quick wedding services for the Boston area, and contact our team to get started on preparing your special day!

Drive Thru Wedding: Boston’s Quickest Wedding Service

If you are unsure what a drive-thru wedding is, we can go over all the details! A drive-thru wedding is a quick and easy way to get married to your partner in Boston. Our Justice of the Peace will pronounce you married at the location of your choice, and you can drive off into the sunset together! Our team works hard to get to know each couple we work with, so we guarantee your drive-thru wedding is memorable and unique to you without the added time and stress of a big wedding ceremony. These ceremonies include simple vows and ring exchange, and our team will help you process your marriage license where you applied. Whether you have a vehicle of your choice, want to rent our convertible, or prefer a quick and easy outside ceremony with just the two of you, our drive-thru wedding is the best option!

The One-Day Marriage Process

Whether you choose our drive-thru quick wedding service or a one-day marriage, a last-minute wedding service doesn’t have to mean less thoughtful. If you decide to choose a drive-thru wedding, our team is more than happy to help you get married at your favorite location and make sure your marriage license, fees, and paperwork are taken care of. We also marry couples at City Hall if you are looking for another quick and easy one-day wedding service. 

For a one-day marriage, both partners must be able to obtain a valid marriage license issued in Massachusetts. You do not need to be a resident of Massachusetts, but a license issued by a Massachusetts city or town clerk is required. Bring your proof of age and social security, and pay the application fee as necessary. The waiting period is typically three days, but if you are looking for faster service, you may be able to waive the waiting period using marriage without delay in your city or town. Learn more about the one-day wedding process with our team and how we can help you and your partner tie the knot.

Quick Wedding Services in Boston With Justice Lydon & Co.

Justice Lydon & Co. are Boston’s go-to wedding officiants for big, small, and fun weddings. If you want a quick way to get married, our drive-thru weddings are the perfect option for you and your partner. Avoid the hassle of guest lists, venues, vendors, and decorations, and focus on getting married and hitting the road as newlyweds! Learn more about our quick wedding services, and call or text 857-939-9019 to get started.