Are you recently engaged!? Congratulations! Now is the time to decide what type of wedding you may want. Not every couple wants a glitz and glam wedding with a huge guest list. Some may prefer a traditional small wedding, while others may want to elope or choose a fun drive-thru wedding ceremony! Whichever option you choose, you won’t go wrong with that special someone. If you want to avoid costly wedding expenses, stress, and planning, selecting an elopement or drive-thru wedding is the perfect option. Whether you want one or the other or are having difficulty deciding, learn about drive-thru weddings vs. elopements below, and get ready to have the most memorable wedding in Boston!

What You Should Know About Drive-Thru Weddings in Boston, MA

If you’re thinking about having a drive-thru wedding ceremony, you’re in luck! Justice Lydon & Co. is honored to be one of the first to bring Vegas to MA! Our drive-thru weddings are fun, memorable, and stress-free for both partners. Drive-thru weddings involve the engaged couple, a car (whether that’s your own or renting our convertible), a vow and ring exchangement, and then sealed with a kiss! Drive-thru weddings do not require guests or an audience at the ceremony and can be as small and intimate as you’d like. Our wedding officiants will help you say “I do!” and then you can sail off into the evening as newlyweds. We’ll take care of processing your marriage license so you can spend the rest of your day focusing on making memories.

What You Should Know About Elopements in Boston, MA

An elopement is similar to drive-thru weddings in that they are intimate with just the engaged couple. Justice Lydon & Co. is proud to offer elopements in and around the Boston, MA area! These elopements are great for local couples looking to tie the knot without spending much money on venues and guests! Elopements are available for popular local areas in the Quincy and Boston area. These include the Marina Bay Gazebo, Merrymount Park, the Quincy Quarries, and more! Elopements may be challenging to tell your family and friends, but not everyone wants to have a large wedding celebration. Our elopements include a justice of the peace, a certificate of marriage, processing of marriage license, and depending on your preferences, a standing area for guests!

Which Wedding Service is Right For Me?

Whether you want to elope or get married in a fun and unique way, elopements and drive-thru weddings are similar. Both allow couples to save some money and put it towards a honeymoon, vacation, or new home together. They are stress-free wedding options that make it easier for couples to focus on each other and avoid the drama and glam of a larger wedding. Drive-thru weddings are newer to the area and offer a fun and memorable wedding you will never forget! Elopements are just as memorable and allow couples a more intimate wedding experience. If you are still deciding which option is right, learn more about each package at Justice Lydon & Co, and contact us for additional information and questions!

Drive-Thru Weddings, Elopements, and Boston Wedding Officiants

Justice Lydon & Co. is proud to have the best wedding officiants in Boston, MA offering a variety of wedding packages. Whether you want a fairytale wedding or a quick and easy ceremony, our justice of the peace will make your day as perfect as possible! Our drive-thru weddings and elopements are just two of our beloved wedding packages available for local newlyweds. Learn more about our wedding packages and how our team can make your wedding day magical!