Every couple wants their wedding day to be special for them and a good time for their guests. Weddings can be boring if not much entertainment, a good atmosphere, or delicious food and drinks are served. Planning a memorable wedding can be tiring and add more stress to couples before the big day even comes! So many ideas and details go into every aspect of a wedding that it sometimes takes work to see the importance and the big picture of your wedding day. The day should be about marrying one another and spending time celebrating with your loved ones. To take off some stress for planning a memorable wedding, look below at these five must-haves for your wedding day!

Beautiful Venue

A wedding cannot take place without a wedding venue. There must be a site, whether outside, inside, in the barn, beneath a gazebo, or in a hall. However, the location/venue must also be unique because it is your special day. It should be appealing, fit into your theme and personality, and, most importantly, be able to accommodate your friends and family. So, before you begin organizing all of the other aspects – which most brides are understandably eager to do – seek a venue that matches you and your partner’s personality, fits your theme, and would not cramp your guests.

Enjoyable Entertainment

Remember that a wedding is not just that, but a celebration, a party. That means that with all the love and the wedding program, it should also be fun. That is why it is necessary for you to also think about the provision for enjoyable entertainment. Some great ideas include introducing a game for everyone to play. Also, think about how much space you’ll need for your game and who will coordinate the game’s process. There are many game ideas to include, and two of them are musical chairs or karaoke.

Tasty Food, Drinks, & Late-Night Options

The next thing after the location and the fun part is to provide what everyone will eat. This isn’t only to satisfy hunger (but is one of the primary reasons) but to make your wedding memorable. Guests look forward to the food’s appearance, taste, and what you’ll serve. Therefore, you need to start making calls to a caterer that prepares excellent dishes and is skilled at their work. From appetizers, the main dish, desserts, and don’t forget the cake – all elements that make for a memorable wedding.

Photo Booth & Other Activities

No matter how lit your wedding is, you are bound to miss out on some parts while being engrossed in other parts of your wedding. Also, you would most likely need to remember all the details after some years have passed by. That is why you need to take pictures, and a photo booth is an excellent way to capture all the parts of your wedding without missing any detail. While the scheduled photographer focuses on you and your partner, the photo booth caters to friends and family doing funny poses and having fun. So that after the wedding is past, you can still look back and relive those memories.

Stunning Decor & Centerpieces

Receptions, cocktail dinners, and every wedding segment are only complete with a theme. While some couples prefer to choose a wedding planner or a wedding decorator to handle all the details, you can save some money if you at least have the basics sorted. Like what color codes you like, your unique personalities, and some designs that appeal to you. However, while planning these details, remember to think about your guests too. That is why the eyes of a professional are required.

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