Starting a new life together with someone you love is extraordinary in itself. If you have just been engaged and do not want a big wedding to celebrate, there are other options for getting married. Not everyone wants to have a big wedding with family, friends, and other guests you may know, and instead would rather have an intimate moment as you become one. The wedding industry wants all engaged couples to prepare for a big celebration day and make memories to look back on forever. If that doesn’t mean much to you, and you can go on without a wedding, there are other ways to start your new life with that special person! Many people do not believe so, but there are different ways of getting married without having a wedding. Learn more below about options for getting married without a wedding and blissfully starting your new life together! 

Options For Getting Married Without A Wedding in Massachusetts

Getting married doesn’t need to involve flashy ceremonies and receptions. Learn the various options for getting married without a wedding in Massachusetts below!


Most people assume elopement is running away and getting married sneakily without telling family and friends, but that is not true. Nowadays, many couples decide to elope because it is a chance to focus on their love for each other and not spend lots of money and time on a wedding. Elopements focus on the importance of every married couple becoming one and starting their new life together! No stress is involved in planning an elopement because couples can focus on just themselves and the excitement as they become married. Elopements can be done anywhere, such as at a place with special meaning or your favorite beach or other location. Telling your family and friends you eloped should be easy, and they should appreciate your decision and the reason behind it. Elopements are great for easy couples who enjoy focusing on the small, important things in life, like their love for one another. 

Drive-Thru Weddings

Think Vegas is the only way for couples to get married quickly!? Think again! Drive-thru wedding services in Massachusetts are real and are a great way to get married without a wedding! A drive-thru wedding gets couples married in less than 15 minutes! Although it is considered a “wedding”, it consists of the couple and the wedding officiants who make the marriage possible! Drive-thru wedding services are the perfect way to get married and celebrate later if you choose to. They give couples more flexibility and less stress on inviting and finding food, DJ, a venue, and expensive decor for one day. Drive-thru weddings are a fun and easy way to get married and start new memories as husband and wife! 

Sign & Go With Wedding Officiants

To get married without a wedding, consider applying for a marriage license, signing it, and becoming married! Contact the best wedding officiants after applying for a marriage license. As soon as you get your license, you’re ready to say I do! A sign & go wedding allows couples to be married in 5 minutes! Express your love for one another with some vows, or sign and be on your way! Wedding officiants make a sign & go wedding as simple as you need it to be so you can head off and enjoy your day together. Don’t stress about inviting guests or purchasing an expensive dress for just one day. Head over in a lovely dress or casual clothes, and get ready to start the next chapter of your life! 

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