Justice Lydon & Co. is your go–to for all things wedding in Rockland, MA! Just 25 minutes from Quincy, MA, Rockland is a beautiful and quiet town tucked away south of Boston. Rockland is home to perfect locations for your sweet and simple wedding, or grand and lavish wedding. Whichever route you choose, our goal is to provide satisfaction and memories that will last a lifetime! From elopements, to drive-thru weddings our experienced team provides it all! If you are looking for wedding services in Rockland , MA, look no further than Justice Lydon & Co! 

Wedding Packages for couples in Rockland, MA

At Justice Lydon & Co, we offer wedding packages that are unique to you! If you’re looking for an intimate elopement, a small wedding, a big traditional wedding, or a wedding out of the ordinary like our drive-thru weddings, we’ve got you covered! We work hard to satisfy your needs and preferences that help make your dream wedding become a reality! Take a look below at some of our wedding packages for couples in Rockland, MA. 

Elopements in Rockland, MA

Justice Lydon & Co understands that not everyone wants a big and over-the-top wedding. That’s why we offer elopements that let you have an intimate and easy wedding experience. We offer elopement packages that include a justice of peace and your choice of a Boston location. We also offer date night elopement packages where you can choose a chapel or restaurant of your choice for the ceremony, and later receive a gift certificate to a dinner at Abby Park! There are plenty of ways to get married and spend the day focusing on just the two of you. So skip the worries and stress of planning a wedding, and consider an elopement in Rockland, MA!

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We create one of a kind weddings for every couple out there! We understand no two couples are alike, that is why we offer an array of wedding packages catered to your needs, to help you both find your perfect wedding day! If you’re engaged in Rockland, MA and are looking for the perfect wedding day, contact us today at 857-499-8266 or fill out our contact form.