At Justice-Lydon & Co, we offer a wide variety of wedding packages and services to fulfill your dreams for your special day. Some people have always dreamed of an extravagant wedding, while others prefer a smaller, more intimate ceremony with family and friends. Others prefer a simple elopement or unique approach, such as a drive-through or party bus wedding. No matter what your ideal wedding day looks like, we’ll help to make it a reality! We offer a variety of wedding packages and services for residents of Brighton, including: 

  • Drive-through weddings
  • Same-gender weddings
  • Elopements
  • One day marriage 
  • Chapel weddings

Our team is dedicated to providing your with the day of your dreams. Keep reading to learn more about the different services we offer. 

Small Chapel Weddings near Brighton MA

Our small chapel offers an intimate setting, perfect for a small romantic wedding with a few close family members and friends. On the day of your ceremony, you’ll have access to the Chapel area for 1 hour, with seating available for up to 15 guests. The wedding includes a full Justice of the Peace service, certificate of marriage, and a wedding coordinator on-site to ensure everything goes smoothly. This is a beautiful way to honor your commitment to one another and exchange your vows in a quiet setting. We guarantee you’ll remember this day fondly for a lifetime! 

Elopement Services in Brighton MA 

If your idea of a perfect wedding only includes you and your partner, how about an elopement? This is the ideal option for couples who want a quick service, and a sweet celebration for two. Our date night elopement packages include a simple ceremony with our Justice of the Peace; Some couples opt to have this part of the evening at the Chapel, while others opt for our date night elopement!  We’ve teamed up with Abby Park restaurant to also include a $50 gift certificate and wedding night dinner reservation. Learn more about our date night elopements or Best of Boston elopements here.

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