Lydon chapel has partnered with The Original Party Trolley of Boston to introduce their newest service of Party Bus Weddings!

First things first, choosing a vehicle from the fleet. The Original Party Trolley of Boston offers a wide variety of limo buses and party trolleys that can fit 15 guests all the way up to 85 guests. Each trolley and bus has a unique inside interior design with things such as disco lights, dancing poles, laser lights and fog machines. Some of the trolleys also have beautiful back balcony’s that make for an amazing wedding setting. Please check out The Original Party Trolley of Boston direct site for specific vehicle information.

As for the location of the ceremony, Lydon chapel offers both simple and deluxe Drive-Thru packages at their convenient location in Quincy.  Or maybe you have another location already in mind.

After the ceremony you and your guests will remain on the party bus and continue your additional hours celebrating!  The Original Party Trolley Company makes it easy to customize your ride throughout the city or other places you may be looking to visit on your special day!

Please contact the office for further details on pricing.  Pricing will vary depending on your choice of vehicle and location of ceremony.  We look forward to being able to be part of your PARTY BUS WEDDING!