How long is my marriage license good for?
Your marriage license is good for as long as you are still married but when you receive your marriage license you have sixty days to get married. When you get married you must have the officiate sign and turn in the marriage license.

Where is my marriage license recognized?
In Massachusetts you are welcomed to get married in any town or city you would prefer as long as you have a Massachusetts marriage license.

Can I use and out of state marriage license to get married in Massachusetts (and vice versa)?
No if you get a marriage license for Massachusetts you are legally only allowed to get married in Massachusetts. Vice versa, if you got a marriage license for California you would have to go by there laws and get married in California.

How do I apply for my marriage license?
Both you and your fiancé need to go to the office of the city or community clerk to apply.

What documents are required?
Most of the time you need proof you are who you say are. Such as, a photo I.D. Some place request a birth certificate. Also you do not need a blood test anymore in Massachusetts

How much does it cost?
It is different in every community. Like, in Boston it is $50 to apply but in Salem it is $20 to apply.

Who can marry us?
Anyone who is an ordained as a minister or clergy to perform a marriage ceremony legally. Also a Justice of the Peace can legally perform a marriage ceremony. Also if you would prefer a person who is not a mister, clergy, or a Justice of the Peace you can have a person apply for a special occasion JP license for one day.

Do we need witnesses?
In Massachusetts you are not required to have a witness. On the license the officiant’s signature would be enough.

Where can I get certified copies of my marriage license?
You can contact your local office of vital records and statistics for the certified copy of the marriage license. Normally you have to visit the office to prove identification and pay the fee for the license but before you go in call just in case it has to be done and you don’t have to go in another day.
Please contact our office for more information.