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The newest concept that Lydon Chapel has added to their services is DRIVE-THRU weddings. Why fly to Vegas and elope when you can take advantage of Justice Michelle’s Drive-Thru Wedding Packages? We will marry you in your car: be it a limo, sedan, Volkswagen bug, or a pickup truck.

For couples that are looking for a quick way to tie the knot the Drive-Thru wedding is perfect for you, it’s fast, fun and has couples married in less than 15 minutes. We are happy to bring drive-thru services to Massachusetts in surrounding areas near you! Our drive-thru chapels allow couples to save time and money, while also having a stress-free and memorable experience to look back on. They’re perfect for couples who want to spend the day with just the two of them and avoid the hassle of hosting a large ceremony. Want to find out more about what a drive-thru wedding entails before you tie the knot? Take a look at our frequently asked questions about drive-thru wedding services below, or contact us today for more information. 

Why Do A Drive-Through Wedding?

If you are wondering why you should do a drive-thru wedding, consider all the components of a wedding and split them into things you want and don’t want in your wedding. Not every bride or groom wants a large, fancy wedding. Drive-thru weddings are an excellent option for those looking to spend the day just the two without worrying about inviting an extensive guest list. Sometimes many couples don’t want a long ceremony or a large crowd watching them during their intimate moment. A drive-thru wedding allows the couple to get married just the two of them or invite their parents, kids, or other small groups of family members to watch as they drive off into the new chapter of their lives! Drive-thru weddings are also very cost-effective, fun, memorable, and stress-free ways to get married!

How Much Does A Drive-Through Wedding Cost?

The best thing about drive-thru weddings is that they are an affordable option for couples! Drive-thru weddings are $250 and are a quick, easy, 15-minute ceremony for you and your partner! Drive-thru weddings are great for couples looking to save money for a honeymoon, vacation, or home as newlyweds by avoiding the extra costs a traditional wedding has!

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What Is Included In A Drive-Through Wedding?

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Drive-thru weddings are a quick yet inclusive way to get married to that special person! Drive-thru weddings include a 10-minute love-based ceremony with “I do’s”, simple vows, and a ring exchange. Our team makes it easy and helps you by processing your marriage license with the city or town you applied in, where you can then obtain a copy of it. We also offer a convertible to rent for $50 if you would rather use that over one of your vehicles. Our drive-thru weddings also include a marsh view that provides a beautiful background for photos as newlyweds! Whether you have a special vehicle of your choice, want to use a motorcycle, or want to rent our convertible, our drive-thru weddings are the coolest way to get married!

Drive-Thru Marriage

A unique and memorable way to get married.

How To Plan The Perfect Drive-Through Wedding

For planning the perfect drive-thru wedding, our team at Justice Lydon & Co. can help! When it comes to your wedding day, it must be unique to you and your partner. Whatever the two of you want on your special day goes! Making your wedding as unique as possible will make it a memorable experience you will never forget! Choose an outfit you want, whether a traditional wedding dress, sun dress, suit, button down, or t-shirt! It’s your wedding day, and you can be as casual as you want! Enjoy each moment of your drive-thru wedding, exchanging your vows and rings and taking plenty of pictures!

Contact Us For Drive-Thru Marriage in Quincy, MA

Let Justice Lydon & Co. host your drive-thru wedding in Quincy today! Reach out to us at 857-939-9019 today or fill out our contact form to learn more about our drive-thru services and more. Let us help you quickly say “I do” in the most magical and unique way!

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FAQ About Drive-Thru Wedding Services

A drive-thru wedding allows couples in Massachusetts to skip the trip to Vegas and get married quick locally! Couples can use their own car of their choice and get married in less than 15 minutes. A drive-thru wedding allows couples to pull up, exchange their vows, seal their marriage with a kiss, and head on their way to celebrate! 

Couples are able to exchange their vows in a simple and fun way. We let our soon-to-be-newlyweds choose their own car, or use one of ours, to get married in their own personalized wedding ceremony. Our justice of peace will pronounce you married under our Lydon Chapel tent in our parking lot or at a location of your choice.

The best part about drive-thru weddings is that they can marry two people fast! Most drive-thru ceremonies take less than 15 minutes, so you can say “I do” and move onto celebrating the day together.

Most drive-thru weddings consist of just you and your fiancé in the car together. If you want to have a few people at the ceremony to cheer you on, that’s acceptable too!

Most couples who are looking to save some money for their honeymoon or other expenses, choose the drive-thru wedding route. The cost of a drive-thru wedding can vary, but it is usually the cheapest ceremony option. It allows couples to save money on food, venue, décor, and all the other little expenses that occur when throwing a wedding ceremony. Click here to learn more about our drive-thru chapels and consider booking with us today!

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