Couples are always on the hunt for new, exciting ways to make their wedding day unique. You want the day to be memorable for yourselves and your guests, too! Doing something different during your wedding ceremony will make this special occasion even more meaningful, memorable, and fun! That’s why more and more couples have been adding a tying-the-knot ceremony to their nuptials. 

What A Tying The Knot Ceremony Is

A tying the knot ceremony is exactly what it sounds like! During the wedding ceremony, each spouse takes a rope and knots the two ropes together. The ropes should have a strong, secure knot that can’t be pulled apart. The officiant typically presents the ropes; the symbolism is explained while the couple ties them together. 

Symbolism & Origin

Before we dig into the symbolism behind this ceremony, we should discuss where the term “tying the knot” comes from. Tying the knot dates back to a medieval Celtic practice called a handfasting ceremony. During that ceremony, couples were bound together with cloth around their wrists, literally tying them to one another. 

A tying the knot ceremony is a modern take on this long-standing tradition, but it’s also a symbolic play on words. After couples tie the knot together, the knotted rope represents a secure, unbreakable bond between the newlyweds. 

Adding A Tying the Knot Ceremony to Your Wedding 

If you want to add this ceremony to your wedding, it’s easy! You’ll need some rope, a little bit of time to practice, and an officiant who has a good understanding of what the ceremony symbolizes. Typically, the ceremony is done after vows are said and rings are exchanged. It is a fun, unique ending to your nuptials that guests will love watching.

Most couples use a double fisherman’s knot for the ceremony, but feel free to use a more challenging knot if you and your spouse know how to tie it! Be sure to practice tying the knot with your spouse before the big day so you can both tie it with confidence and grace at your wedding. As for the type of rope used, it’s up to you! Fishing rope is the most common choice, but you can add a personal touch by using rope or ribbon that matches the colors used in your wedding décor. 

Tie The Knot With The Help Of Justice Lydon & Co!

Be sure to keep the knot after the ceremony – there are a lot of ways to use it as home décor to remind you and your spouse of your unbreakable commitment to one another. Plan the wedding ceremony of your dreams and find more wedding planning inspiration today with Justice Lydon & Co.! Our Justice of the Peace team provides fantastic wedding packages for you and your partner. Contact us today at 857-939-9019 by call or text, or fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP!