Weddings are the evidence of love and commitment between one person and another. Often, it involves the bride, groom, and an officiating priest, but nowadays, weddings have taken a huge shift and are more fun than ever. For many weddings, the major source of entertainment is the dance floor. 

However, not many of your guests are intrigued to shake their bodies on the dance floor, so it’s important to look for other sources of entertainment. From hiring live painters to synchronized swimmers, here are five different kinds of wedding entertainment you can incorporate into yours.

Seven kinds of wedding entertainment that will entertain your guests

The following activities will make sure your wedding party remains evergreen in the minds of your guests.

Synchronized Swimmers

If your wedding venue has a pool, you can surprise your guests by hiring recreational synchronized swimmers. With their flashy costumes and acrobatic skills, these swimmers’ performances will surely impress your guests. We recommend scheduling their performance during cocktails— when the guests are unoccupied and mingling. 

Live Painter

It seems proper to avoid a live painter since you have a professional photographer or videographer. But neither pictures nor videos can recreate the masterpiece a professional live painter produces. In addition, you get to wow your audience at the end, and the couple gets to keep a keepsake to preserve the joyful memories.

Have a marshmallow roasting station

Who doesn’t love a fun activity that doubles as another snack station? You can make mini marshmallow roasting pits for your guests. Take this a step further by arranging seats near the fireplace so they can sit around, roast marshmallows, and engage in a cozy conversation.

Traditional Lion Dance 

For traditional Chinese weddings, you can open your event with a traditional lion dance to honor your Chinese lineage and invite your guests. Chinese lion dancers are mostly vibrant and the acrobatic dances will wow all your guests at the event. 

Bouncy Castle 

Bouncy castles are not just for children’s birthday parties. They can also work well for weddings. Bouncy castles are perfect for children-inclusive parties and will also entice adults who are young at heart. 

Classic Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is one of the classic wedding entertainment that will bring fun to the party. It is a great way to know more about the couples and engage your guests. Unlike other entertainment, the shoe game does not cost money, so you do not have to worry about your budget.

Aerial Acrobatics

Nothing screams “fun” to guests than seeing Acrobats hanging from the ceiling. You can also hire silk aerialists and watch as you amaze your guests. 

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