The 2024 wedding trends arrived fashionably early, and it’s everything you can dream of. If you plan to say “I do” next year, it’s important to know “what’s in” and “what isn’t” to make sure your wedding plans match the trendy themes. Although it is optional to adhere to any of the trends, being aware can serve as a guide to planning your dream wedding. The best part of this article is that these trends are easy to replicate.

Seven Trending Wedding Themes for 2024

For soon-to-be brides and bridegrooms, the following are inspiring wedding trends that are projected to take 2024:

Candid Cameras

Wedding photography has passed through several trends, from 90s chic to present-day docu-style portraiture. 2024 wedding photography will be about taking candid moments of your event instead of the usual posed and planned pictures. Candid photography aims to capture raw, unfiltered images of the couple and guests. Photographers may also go a step further by handing mini disposable Polaroid cameras to the couples and kids at the event to capture scenarios that warm their hearts. The results from every camera are collated and turned into a photo book for the couples.

Mini everything 

Late last year, the trendy wedding theme was “Go bold or go home.” Brides were urged to be extravagant in their desires and opt for huge ballroom gowns and gravity-defying cakes. 2024 has taken a massive turn from being bold to minis. Yes, every wedding item you could think of will be in the mini versions. This includes cakes, wedding gowns, pastries, and even cocktails. This is an easy trend to replicate if you are tight on a budget.

Spending quality time before the wedding 

Many wedding traditions forbid the bride from spending quality time with your significant other before you walk down the aisle. In 2024, couples are urged to spend more time together and even meet for a light breakfast. Some couples take it a step further by getting ready together, so there is no need for the “first look.” Overall, we advise couples to place their desires if this trend does not suit their belief.

Drone photography

Why capture on-ground when you can have an aerial view of everything going on at the event? Drone photography is yet another 2024 trend, and we foresee more of it in the years to come. Many professional wedding photographers now offer Drone photography alongside other kinds of pictures so you can witness the magic of your event from every angle. 

Textured cakes

Say bye to fondant cakes and hello to textured cakes. 2024 is all about details, and textured cakes are a year to stay. From pleats to stenciled patterns that mimic your favorite jewelry, textured cakes are the perfect wedding trend to replicate in 2024. 

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