Boston’s City Hall makes a quick yet beautiful wedding ceremony! If you are not looking for an extravagant wedding ceremony, why bother going through the hassle? At Boston’s City Hall, you can hire an officiant or Justice of the Peace, pick up your marriage license, and say I do! Any location can be a wedding ceremony if you are creative and comfortable! If you’re looking to get married at Boston’s City Hall, here is everything you need to know about doing so!

What Is The Process For Getting Married At Boston City Hall?

Like other lavish wedding ceremonies, you must head to the city hall to apply for a marriage license. Both partners will need a valid ID, social security number, and other information or paperwork to fill out. There is a $50 application fee and a 3-day waiting period after you apply for your marriage license. Once your license is ready to be picked up, and you have hired an officiant or Justice of the Peace to officiate, you are ready to get married! At Boston’s City Hall, you may have a few close family members or friends to watch as you and your partner tie the knot. If not, you can keep it short and intimate, then spend the day as newlyweds!

Tips For Planning A City Hall Wedding

Look at these helpful tips for planning your City Hall wedding in Boston!

  • Plan Accordingly: No one wants extra stress before their wedding! It’s important to know that you must first file for a marriage license, which can take three days to go through. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time and go back to pick up the marriage license before your wedding day! Getting married at City Hall makes it easy because you can pick it up and say I do on the same day!
  • Capture The Event: Just because you are getting married at City Hall and having no extravagant guest list doesn’t mean you should short yourself on the wedding experience! Hire a photographer and videographer the same you would as any other larger wedding. This will allow you to worry less about capturing the moment and focus more on living in the moment. 
  • Pick An Outfit You Love: Whether you still wear a wedding dress or would rather wear a casual dress or pant outfit, the choice is yours! A City Hall wedding can be as fancy or casual as you wish, and at the end of the day, it is YOUR wedding day, so you should dress how you want and wear what makes you comfortable and confident!
  • Throw An After-Party: Maybe an after-party isn’t your thing, and you would rather spend the day with your husband or wife. But if it is, throwing an after-party can be a fun way to spend time with family and friends without hosting a huge ceremony and reception. Either rent out a hotel lobby bar, a restaurant or use someone’s house to celebrate with people who care about you and the next chapter in your life! 

Get Married At Boston’s City Hall With Justice Lydon & Co!

If you’re looking to plan a City Hall wedding, Justice Lydon & Co. is here to help! Our Justice of the Peace team is more than happy to help you have the best wedding ceremony. We offer various wedding packages, including small weddings and elopements, so you and your partner can have the ceremony of your dreams. Learn more about getting married at City Hall, or give us a call or text at 857-939-9019!