Not every engaged couple wants to spend lots of time, money, and dedication towards a big wedding. Large weddings can be fun and feel like you are a royal king and queen, but they can also be time-consuming and expensive. Nothing is wrong with a small wedding or even an elopement wedding to help you save time and stress. Getting married doesn’t always mean a big dress, guest list, and venue. It’s more about saying “I do” to that special someone and becoming a married couple ready to take on the next chapter in their lives. Learn more about ways to get married quickly while focusing on love and the most magical moments of your wedding day!

Ways For Couples To Get Married Quickly

Looking to save time and money!? Here’s everything you need to know about how to get married quickly!

Choose A Realistic Time

If you are looking to get married fast, you have to choose when and where to get married so you can realistically make it work. Whether you have a meaningful date in mind that is causing you to move quickly, or the date does not matter, it is important to decide on this first. Once you have a date, you can move things through quickly and effectively so you’re on the same page. Real wedding planning cannot be done without a date and time, so it’s time to get moving once that is decided!

Choose A Proper Venue

If you are looking to get married quickly, you have to understand you will only have the availability of a few venues. You may have to settle on whatever you can get for the dates you want. A great alternative is having a courthouse wedding or a drive-thru wedding service instead of a traditional wedding venue. This allows you to save time and money and still give you the ultimate wedding experience. These services do not require guests to be invited and are focused on obtaining your marriage license, saying “I do”, and moving on to the day together as a newlywed. By saving the hassle of sending save the dates, inviting people, planning décor and seating charts, food, and a DJ, you save money and time, allowing you to get married quickly! 

Get A Marriage License

Obtaining a marriage license is typically easy and painless and can be done right in your town’s clerk’s office. It’s important that you confirm with them any specifications for your particular state or country. The process typically has a 3-day waiting period once you file for one (In Massachusetts). Once you obtain the license, you are ready to get going on your wedding ceremony. 

Hire A Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner can be extremely helpful if you are looking to get the help of others to help speed up the wedding process. Wedding planners will help you with all the coordinating and scheduling of your wedding. This allows you to take some address stress off your plate and focus on your own personal life and already busy schedule. Wedding planners can help you get things moving quickly and efficiently without worrying about every little detail. Whether you want a bigger wedding, a wedding planner can help, or if you are looking for an elopement or other small wedding ceremony, a destination wedding planner can significantly help! Never say no to the help of a lending hand, especially during a big day like your wedding!

How To Get Married Quickly in Boston, MA, With Justice Lydon & Co

If you are looking for ways to get married quickly but still have a romantic and intimate wedding, Justice Lydon & Co. can help! We offer wedding services that are entirely customized to you! Not everyone wants to spend the time or money on a big wedding, which is why we provide alternatives to that! Our justice of the peace offers elopements and drive-thru weddings so you can get married quickly and spend the rest of your day enjoying time with one another! Learn more about our quick and intimate wedding services, and call or text us today at 857-939-9019!