Everyone wants their wedding day to be as perfect and magical as possible. From the start and end to everything between a wedding day, a wedding can cause a lot of stress and worry about planning and executing an awesome event. Whether you want a large wedding, a small wedding, or an elopement, finding the perfect officiant helps take the added stress off an already stressful time. Learn below how to choose the right wedding officiant for your ideal wedding and important qualities to look out for when choosing. 

How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant

Choosing the right wedding officiant can be broken down into four steps. When looking for your wedding officiant, start going through the following steps!

Decide between a religious or non-religious officiant.

It is best to determine what type of wedding you want and whether or not a specific officiant will be required. If you are looking to get married in a church, a beach, or another non-religious ceremony, the officiant you may want or need will look different. Religious officiants may include a pastor, rabbi, or someone you used to attend services. A non-religious officiant is a justice of the peace, a judge, or maybe someone you know who is certified. Deciding this step first will help you determine which steps you need to take next to have the perfect wedding day. 

Do the research and check availability.

Research is huge for finding the perfect wedding officiant for you and your fiance. Word of mouth is always great if you trust the person you hear it from. But other ways exist to get the scoop on recent experiences with that officiant. Turning to Google, the Knot wedding site, and other trusted platforms will help you to see the positive or negative reviews from those officiants and help you determine if they are the right pick for you. Once you are comfortable with your decision, contact them to check availability and see if the time works for you both! Whether you have a certain date in mind or are fine with waiting to schedule with them, these are important steps to decide before moving forward. 

Solve any planning obligations.

Many officiants may require couples to complete specific requirements or planning obligations before you can say “I do”! First financial options are first to bring up before moving forward. Your officiant may require Online sessions or meetings to determine whether you are ready for marriage. Paperwork or pre-planning may be necessary with them, so it is best to solve any of that right away before it gets closer to your wedding day!

Get to know them better and book with them!

Lastly, get to know your officiant, as they will be the one who marries you and yours into your next chapter! Ensure their values align with yours and you are comfortable with them before your wedding day. Whether your wedding is religious or not, it is important to ensure they obey the bride or groom’s vows or readings. Ensuring they can make your whole ceremony go smoothly and professionally is important to every bride and groom. Once you are comfortable with them and have gotten to know them better by chatting with them often, you are ready to book! There will be so much relief once you have the officiant all figured out and can take your mind off one aspect of your wedding. 

Qualities of A Good Wedding Officiant

Many qualities make a good wedding officiant that you should look out for. Below are just some of the qualities that make a great wedding officiant!

  • Understands this is your special day.
  • Honors and respects your beliefs and wishes.
  • It makes you feel comfortable and safe.
  • Provides guidance.
  • Follows up after your wedding day.

The Best Wedding Officiants in Boston, MA

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