Justice Lydon & Co. is bringing Vegas to Boston, MA! We offer drive-thru wedding chapel services to couples looking to get married fast and spend the day together! A drive-thru wedding is a fun and memorable wedding experience that couples don’t need to travel and elope to Vegas for! These drive-thru weddings have couples married in less than 15 minutes so they can say “I do!” and go to dinner or adventuring as newlyweds! A drive-thru wedding has many benefits over a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. Drive-thru weddings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those willing to be daring and different, drive-thru weddings are the perfect way to marry someone you love! Learn more about drive-thru weddings and the advantages it has over traditional weddings!

Benefits Of Drive Through Weddings


One of the most significant benefits of drive-thru weddings is that they are a highly affordable option for couples. Nowadays, wedding ceremonies can be extremely expensive and costly for the number of guests and duration of the ceremony. Not only do you need the ceremony, but the reception afterward is even more costly, including location, food, drinks, service, music, decorations, and so on. A drive-thru wedding takes off the stress of your wedding day and gives couples an affordable and enjoyable wedding experience. Saving money on your wedding day allows you to put more money towards a honeymoon, a home together, or other bills, trips, or necessities.


Drive-thru weddings are a great story to tell your family, friends, and your children years from now! Drive-thru weddings are unique and incomparable to traditional wedding services. Drive-thru weddings are where couples can be themselves and focus on marrying that special person. They can forget about all the stress and high expectations that most weddings bring and can do something they want for themselves. No wedding will ever be like a drive-thru wedding, which is the greatest advantage! Drive-thru weddings are unique because couples can get married in whatever vehicle they want! Whether a limo, a Volkswagen buggy, a convertible, or a motorcycle, drive-thru weddings have couples married in a flash and allow newlyweds to drive off into bliss!


Drive-thru weddings allow newlyweds to spend time with their loved ones and focus on the moment. Weddings are a huge new chapter in both newlywed’s lives and should be cherished forever. A drive-thru wedding is a wedding experience that would be hard to forget, as it is an entertaining and unforgettable experience. Sometimes couples can get caught up in the moment during a big wedding, and not focus on their special day or the fact that they have just become married! A drive-thru wedding is an intimate and memorable experience for both involved and gives them a moment they will never forget!

Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel in Boston, MA

Contact our team today to say “I do” in our customizable drive-thru wedding chapel! Justice Lydon & Co. are super excited to be able to bring the fun and thrill of being married in Vegas to Boston! We offer drive-thru wedding services that are incredibly memorable and unique to you! To learn more about our drive-thru weddings, how they work, and how you can get started, call us today at 857-599-8266 or fill out our contact form!