Whether you’re getting married this Valentine’s Day or are trying to find the perfect date for your upcoming wedding, Valentine’s Day gives couples an extra romantic moment to say “I do”! There are many advantages to getting married on Valentine’s Day; Valentine’s Day makes a wedding you will never forget and makes the holiday more memorable. It also adds more meaning to your anniversary and allows you to spread the love a little more each year! Valentine’s Day is when everyone shows love and the importance of being loved, so what better day to get married? In most cases, Valentine’s Day weddings may be a bit more challenging than a cozy and romantic wedding. Many venues may have limited availability, winter weather may cause some challenges, and the day of the week it falls on may be difficult to swing. If you are considering having your wedding day on the most romantic day of the year, learn below some things to consider about getting married on Valentine’s Day!

Three Things To Consider About Getting Married on Valentine’s Day


1. Vendors & Flower Shops May Be Booked or More Expensive

For most florists, Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year. For a wedding that is on Valentine’s Day, many florists may be booked up or need more help or time to get the wedding flowers and centerpieces prepared for your special day. During this time, their arrangements may be more costly, causing more added expense to your special Day. If you have your mind set on Valentine’s Day for your wedding, that is totally up to you. 

Another thing to consider is that many venues may be unavailable on Valentine’s Day or at extra expense. Valentine’s Day is a busy time for many restaurants, hotels, photographers, make-up artists, and other vendors. These businesses and vendors book up fast around Valentine’s Day or may charge a higher rate for some of their services during these crazy times. It’s essential to be aware of that and shop around or plan as soon as possible!

2. Your Wedding Theme is Picked For You

Whether you like it or not, having a Valentine’s Day wedding means your theme is already picked. Valentine’s Day is associated with love, hearts, pinks, reds, and happy feelings. A wedding theme on Valentine’s Day that is not using those colors and other associations wouldn’t make sense. Of course, you can change the theme of your wedding if you want, but after all, you are getting married on Valentine’s Day, which involves love. Many brides may need to realize this before choosing the date and may stress that it can come off a little tacky or cringe. If you are fine with light pinks and reds being filled at your ceremony and reception, with hearts and all things love, this is the perfect date for you!

3. Guests May Be Busy

Many guests, especially other couples, may be busy on the date of your Valentine’s Day wedding or may want to spend the Day alone with each other. A Valentine’s Day wedding may make your guests uncomfortable with having to go to your wedding or do something themselves. Many people do not enjoy going to other marriages, and on a day when they want to show their own husband or wife some appreciation, they may not enjoy it even more. Other guests may prefer to go to a Valentine’s Day wedding as they are prepared to honor and show their appreciation as a new couple becomes married and starts a new life together. Valentine’s Day weddings can go either way, and if you choose to pick the date you want, you shouldn’t care what your guests think or if they can make it! Sending your save-the-date invitations on an earlier side can ensure guests can go and allow them to coordinate their Valentine’s plans for another date. 

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