Like many other celebratory events, weddings do not conform to seasonal changes as they can be held anytime. With so many seasonal dresses in vogue, choosing the perfect dress style to suit the wedding and the season can be difficult. Although summer seems to be the perfect wedding season, many love birds are beginning to choose winter for their wedding events. Winter only gives room for a variety of outfits due to its chilliness. How do you dress stylishly in this chilly weather? In this article, we will highlight numerous choices of outfits wedding guests can easily choose for a winter wedding.

How to choose a dress

Before you choose the first flowy or sparkly dress that grabs your attention, remember to note that there are some etiquettes to adhere to.

Ensure the dress is appropriate for the event and the weather

Winter wedding dresses should suit the event and also suit the weather. You do not want to cover up your stunning gown with an overall coat because of the blistering cold. Also, as stated by the couple, you should strictly follow the dress code. For classier and upscale events, you may need to channel your choice to formal outfits, while less formal wedding events may require you to dress casually. In addition, you should consider the dress fabric and color as winter is more accommodating than summer.

Pick out rich and thick fabrics that also stand out

Winter dresses do not necessarily translate to boring outfits. Instead, materials like jacquard and silks adorned with jewels and sequins are allowed. Velveteen and satin are the go-to choices for many wedding guests as they suit them in cooler seasons and blend well in pictures. They are not only stylish but also help in trapping heat in the body.

 Invest in longer dresses

The dress length greatly matters as the more fabric you consume, the longer the dress, the warmer you are likely to be. Don’t forget the sleeves – longer sleeves as men conserve heat; hence, there is no need for shawls, furs, or coats. If you would be dancing all night or would indulge in more alcohol, a short-sleeve or sleeveless dress might be excusable.

Jewelry and other adornments

When it comes to accessorizing for winter events, the three keys are scarves, stockings, and gloves. These keep you warm and add the right style to your outfit. For plain outfits, complement with heavy accessories to create a balance and provide the right amount of glitz and glamor. However, sequins and other sparkling outfits require a little jewelry. Regardless, don’t hold back on accessories and forget to try new things outside your comfort zone.


Your choice of footwear can make or mar your outfit. Remember, it’s winter, and the ice and snow might work in your favor. While boots may seem like the perfect choice, a combination of nude stockings and some jewel-studded, strapless heels (like some Amina Muadii) can work wonders. If you intend on some heels, there is a better time to consider some open toes. Instead, close-toed shoes like pumps can protect your toes from frost bites. For an educated and formal look, pair some loafers or Oxford with your suits or jumpsuits.

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