With everyone saying “I Do” to their partners, weddings are one of the most attended events in history. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 5000 wedding ceremonies happen a day and a massive two million weddings a year; the months of the year are surely going to be busy all year round. For new couples looking to pick their perfect wedding date or for curious people looking for more information, this article exposes the most popular months for weddings.

When Is the Peak Wedding Season?

The peak wedding season (or the popular time of the year to wed) is shared unequally between months and often varies from year to year. But one constant thing is couples love to tie the knot between summer and fall. Some months witness more wedding events when compared to others. Below are some of the top months to have your wedding based on peak wedding season experts! 

#1 October

Who would have thought the 10th month of the year would top the chart in this list? For unknown reasons, many weddings are held in October. In 2019, the three most memorable weddings of all time were held in October. To many, it is not surprising that October is topping the list as its popularity for weddings can be traced back to medieval times in England. During October, there is more fresh meat for events.

October features favorable weather, fantastic scenery, and numerous wedding ideas. Remember the foods (especially in-season delicacies) and the beautiful color palette you can choose from. Experts believe many couples choose October to coincide their wedding with the beginning of fall and Halloween.

#2 May

We heard many “You may now kiss the bride” in May as it is the second month closely following November. May is undoubtedly perfect as couples enjoy the bloom of May flowers, creating a romantic arena for couples to create good memories. May offers warm weather, the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation, and, of course, blooming flowers.

According to superstition, May used to rank low in this list as it was considered an unlucky month, but the tides have changed. Also, the Greek goddess of fertility, May, may have had one or two things to contribute to May’s success.

#3 August

August wasn’t caught lacking as it ranks third in this list. August is known for holidays and vacations (especially for students and those connected to the education industry). Thus, setting your wedding in August inclines more people to visit. Even though August is one of the hottest months and marks the beginning of hurricanes and other natural disasters, many couples still fix their weddings.

#4 June

Should this be a surprise? June is favored for its summer vibes, perfect for relaxation and vacation. Since summer is the number one season to get married, many couples choose June for its milder temperature. June is the perfect month before the heat of July and August can creep up. There are less chances of rain and more chances of sunny, bright days for couples!

#5 September

If you love fall, you will love September. Many weddings are held in September because it offers a beautiful, soothing fall feeling that is perfect for celebratory events. According to superstition, September bears good luck, serenity, and a future for new couples. Couples also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery it offers.

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