Your wedding day is very special, one you dreamed of as a little kid. When planning your wedding day, so many details go into the planning and preparation of the big day. If you’re looking for something that will make your wedding day unique to you, unlike any previous wedding, you’re in the right place. Personalizing your wedding day lets your guests get a glimpse of what your future holds as newlyweds and your qualities and personalities. To personalize your day to the best of your ability, it is essential to consider what will make it special and unique to you and your new husband or wife. See below some fun ways to personalize your wedding day and spread eternal love and happiness to you and yours!

Four Fun Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Day

Personalizing your wedding day lets your guests see your true interests and colors! Bringing out a little piece of you, your newlywed, and what you love makes your big day extra unique and intimate! Below are some of these four fun ways to add a personal touch to your wedding day.

The Décor

Everyone knows the décor should be personalized, but it should be truly personalized to you as newlyweds and show off the things you love most. Couples should choose the things they love most and decorate with that. Choose a color palette that expresses your love and comfort with one another. Personalized colors that are bright and happy make events fun and more memorable. Flowers are another major decorative element at every wedding. Perhaps you don’t like flowers, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them as your centerpiece. Creating personalized centerpieces with things you love means much more than traditional wedding expectations. Choosing greenery, plants, or other decorative pieces as a centerpiece allows your décor to be unique to you and what you love.

The Menu

Nobody wants the traditional, bland wedding food that is just mediocre. Personalizing the menu and adding late-night options is fun to entertain your guests and make your day extra special. Picking your favorite food or appetizers makes the menu fun for you and your guests. Stay away from the basic chicken, steak, and fish dishes, and discover a world of fun food. Have food trucks at your wedding with different cuisines to allow your guests to order what they want and experience sensational flavors. Adding a late-night option with sliders, chicken fingers, and fries or having a breakfast table with pancakes, donuts, and other fun danishes allows your true personality to come alive! Your guests will love these personalized options that make your wedding stand far apart from the rest!

Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Personalize your wedding ceremony by writing your vows and steering away from the traditional routine. Switch up your ring bearer and flower girl by adding your dog for personalized humor. Choosing a church or another venue with meaning for your ceremony makes the day more intimate and personal for you and your bride/groom. Refrain from worrying about traditions or what your guests may think will make your wedding less stressful. The world is your oyster when it comes to your special day. It’s important that however you choose to have it, make sure it is unique to you. Learn more about how to personalize your wedding ceremony for the two of you!

Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Attire

Personalizing your wedding party and its attire allows your guests to see your true fashion and interests! So much stress goes into bridesmaid dress colors and groomsmen tuxedos. Letting your bridal party choose their colors or follow a color scheme of your choice takes the pressure off you and them. They get to find styles that flatter their body in dresses that flatter them from head to toe. It also lets the bridesmaid personalize their look and have freedom in choosing. For the groomsmen, letting them choose their tie or bow tie allows them to show a little personality and shows your guests you are fun and not stuck to classic wedding traditions and attire.

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