The winter season is on its way, and if you’re planning a wedding, you want to make sure it is romantic & cozy! A sweet and simple wedding this winter is the best way to have an intimate and enjoyable wedding day. Inviting your closest family and friends to share this special day with you and your loved ones, avoid the hassle over various wedding invitations to people you hardly know. A sweet and simple wedding during the winter is the best way to feel the love from those around you as you start your new life together. Learn below the five sweet and straightforward wedding tips, and see how to incorporate them into your intimate wedding this winter season!

5 Sweet & Simple Wedding Tips


Shorten your guest list

To start planning your sweet and simple wedding this winter, shortening your guest list is the best place to start. To make the day more manageable and more enjoyable for you and your loved one, taking away the number of guests is the perfect thing to begin with. Choose people who want to bet there for you, who will significantly impact your special day. These are people who you cannot imagine your wedding day without and will want to be there to show their appreciation as you start this next chapter of your life. The fewer people invited, the more intimate your guests’ experience will be as you can chat with them all as you make your way around each table. 

Pick a venue that can host the whole event

The winter season is often when family and friends come together, whether they have to travel far or not. It is when everyone wants to be inside together and not worry about traveling in the dark, cold, or potentially snowy weather. Choosing a venue that can double as the reception and ceremony will allow your guests to relax and feel comfortable knowing they can stay in just one place for the whole event. It also takes the stress away from you and your loved one because you do not have to worry about people traveling to and from you, and you can focus on the moment. When it comes to a sweet and simple wedding, eliminating stress in all possible areas will help make the day more enjoyable, so choosing one venue for both the reception and ceremony is a great way to start. 

Keep your décor simple

To stay on the sweet and simple wedding theme, opt for simple and classy décor. No one will remember that expensive hand-made wooden sign you will use only once. Try to choose simpler or homemade designs and decorations that are not too fluffy and crazy. Of course, some expensive décor is gorgeous, but simple techniques go a long way and can be used again later on. With a sweet and simple wedding, focusing on what will make or break your special wedding day is essential. An expensive sign is something you can do without and allows you to focus on the more important things. 

Let your bridal party have the freedom

To keep your day sweet and simple, consider giving your bridal party some freedom on what they wear. Allowing the groomsmen and bridesmaids to choose their attire will take some stress off you in coordinating everything perfectly. If you are sure of a color you want them to wear, let your bridesmaids choose their style to give them some fashion freedom. Mixing and matching styles show your bridal party that you accept a simple and relaxed wedding and don’t need to be over the top. This lets your bridesmaids and groomsmen feel appreciated and that they can feel comfortable in what they are wearing because they were able to choose it themselves. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

On your wedding day, it’s important to remember it is not a competition. The only person who should enjoy everything about the wedding day is the newlyweds, not your guests. Don’t stress about making the day perfect for your guests; as long as it is perfect for you, that is what matters. It is important to remember no day will go exactly as planned, some things may go wrong, and that is okay. Do not sweat the small stuff because no one will remember it the next day! Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s or overcomplicate things on your special day. Enjoy the moment you are in and the person you are marrying. 

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