It is time to enter fall mode as soon as it hits September! Fall is the most beautiful and enchanting time for a wedding; the weather is excellent, and the colors of the leaves changing make a stunning backdrop. When it comes to wedding planning for your fall wedding, it is crucial to coordinate everything perfectly, from the centerpieces to the bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dress colors for your fall wedding must be on-trend and fitting for your wedding theme. Read on to find the perfect bridesmaid dress colors for your wedding this fall, and see how they can make it look extraordinary!

4 Bridesmaid Dress Colors For Your Fall Wedding

As you know, there are thousands of colors to choose from, so why only four? These picks are selected based on four things: they look good on any style, look great on any skin tone, have a natural look to match any wedding theme, and are the most romantic colors of fall.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a bright, vivid green shade named after the gemstone – emerald. Just as the source of its name, Emerald green is a royal color used to signify radiance and richness. Aside from being the color of a gemstone, this fall color is fantastic – genuinely magnificent on all skin tones and undertones. It also brings an opulence touch to any wedding theme. What style do you wish to try? Long, short, ball-gown, or midi, no matter your pick, your bridesmaid would look like royal, regal, and charming accomplices that surround your royalty.


Gold is another bright and luscious orange-yellow color named from the expensive and precious metal. Used to make jewelry and expensive products, your bridesmaid can also be seen in magnificent metallic colors. Not only does this color match the golden leaves of fall, but the color is flattering to all skin colors and undertones. Best seen in silk dresses and drapey materials, Gold doesn’t portray limited choices. Additionally, as brilliant as the color is, it matches all wedding themes and exquisitely blends you with the girls making the connection and bond you share stronger.


Mauve is a pale purple color named after the delicate and beautiful mallow flower. With different hues and tones that can also make it pink-like or nude-like, this delicate and romantic color is the one for a love-inspired wedding theme. Very soft, it matches all girls, from deep skin tones to creamy and bright skin colors. Also, matching closely-related flower colors with mauve will make your fall wedding a hundred percent magazine worthy. As mauve is soft and delicate, it also blends with any color, meaning that you don’t have to wear white if you don’t want to. Pleasing in every style, length, and fabric, this deep blush color is for the bride that wants her girls to look sleek, modern, sexy, and natural – like a flower.


Maroon is a brownish crimson color named after marron or chestnut, and you might already imagine – it is perfect for fall. Also, a family of colors, red and maroon, is luxurious but also a deep color that pops out in any wedding. Fit for all skin colors, the fine wine shade brings fall vibes and a sexy and bold feel that makes any bridesmaid stand out in her uniqueness. If you wish to elaborate on the beauty and passion of your girls in a dress, this is a perfect choice. Beautiful and luxurious in any style, designs that show off some skin are more flattering – creating a delicate contrast between the skin and the dress.

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