Are you planning on getting married in Massachusetts? We have put together all you need to know so that you can take a little stress off your wedding planning! The thought of getting married to someone you love should be exciting and magical. You shouldn’t have to worry about all the little things that lead up to the big day! To help you better prepare, here are the steps for getting married in Massachusetts and what you will need to bring to get married. 

When planning on getting married in Massachusetts, you must have your proof of identity and age ready. Bring a passport or driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security number. You can also expect to pay a fee, so bringing a form of payment is also necessary. Read on to see the five steps to getting married in Massachusetts and contact Justice Lydon & Co. today for help conducting the perfect marriage ceremony!

5 Simple Steps to Get Married in Massachusetts


1. Pick the date and location for your wedding

It is time to plan the wedding! The most important part is picking a date and finding the perfect location for your wedding. Whether that date has a special meaning for the two of you, or you want to select a date asap, now is the time to think about it! Finding the most magical destination for your ceremony is just as crucial because places start to book up during the busy wedding seasons. To learn more about our wedding packages in Massachusetts, click here .

2. Gather all your necessary documents and head to your town or city clerk in the Commonwealth

As mentioned above, you must bring the correct documents like your driver’s license or passport, birth certificate, and social security number to your session. This type of information is significant in proving your identity and citizenship. Both couple members need the correct copies of identification and proof of age to get a marriage license in Massachusetts and any state. 

3. Go over important information, name changes & fees

Couples can expect to pay a fee when applying for a marriage license, but the amount depends on the County and town you live in. That fee can range from $30 to $50 and covers a certified copy of your marriage license. It is crucial to confirm the form of payment you plan on using with the County before you go so that you will be readily prepared for the cost. Once the tedious document work and price are completed, it is time to move on to the more exciting parts. You will go over important information like the names of your mother’s maiden names, both parents’ state of birth, and the most exciting part, the name you will be given in marriage. If you choose to take your husband or wife’s last name, now is the time to share that with the clerk.

4. Wait for the license to come & find an officiant

Once the previous steps are completed, it’s time to wait for the license to arrive. While you are waiting, it is vital to know who will officiate your wedding. When finding someone to officiate your wedding, it is crucial to find someone who will make the perfect bond between you. Whether that is a justice of the peace, a clergy member, or someone else, now is the time to get looking so you don’t have to stress about finding someone before the big day!

5. Get married!

Finally, the day has come to get married! It is time to enjoy your day as a newly married couple. Once you both say “I do!” it is time for the officiant to sign the marriage license and send it back to the County to make it official. Enjoy every moment of this special day as you start a new life together as a married couple in Massachusetts!

FAQ about Getting Married in Massachusetts


How do I get a marriage license in Massachusetts?

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you can apply for your marriage license. 

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Massachusetts?

There is a 3-day waiting period for obtaining a marriage license. After it is approved, it may take 2-3 weeks to receive the marriage license in Massachusetts. Once received, it is valid for 60 days once you have it.

Do you still have to get blood tests in Massachusetts before obtaining a marriage license?

No, blood tests are no longer required for couples who need a marriage license in Massachusetts. 

Who can conduct my wedding ceremony in Massachusetts?

A clergy member, a justice of the peace, or a close family or friend who files for a 1-day designation, can conduct your wedding ceremony. 

Where can I get married in Massachusetts?

There are many beautiful churches and other indoor and outdoor ceremonies to get married in Massachusetts. The Boston Public Library, Harvard Arboretum, Boston Public Garden, The Hampshire House, beautiful places down in Cape Cod, and much more are great ideas for getting married in Massachusetts. Contact Justice Lydon & Co. today for help finding the perfect wedding venue or elopement!

What is the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate?

The marriage license is what you get first, which states that you legally apply to get married. A marriage certificate is a “filled out” license after you had your ceremony and got it signed, and the officiant returned it to the County. 

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