June is pride month, and it’s a time where we celebrate lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people, along with their impact on today’s history. The month of June is the best time to recognize and spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. It is crucial to better understand the history of your LGTBQ+ peers and learn how to celebrate diversity and the ways you can contribute to an inclusive and welcoming community. Read below for five ways you can celebrate pride month this June.

5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month


1. Attend a Pride Event or Parade

There is no better way to celebrate diversity than to be a part of an event or parade that is made for celebrating it! Whether you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community or want to understand better and follow it, attending a pride event is the best way to learn. Pride events are a celebration of identity, race, gender, and sexuality. Taking the time to join these events and see the world through their eyes helps you better understand the importance of equality and inclusion. Click to learn about upcoming Pride events in Quincy, MA here.

2.  Volunteer/Donate

Giving back to the LGBTQ+ community is a great way to celebrate pride month in June. Volunteering at your local youth or LGTBQ+ center, you can help and give back to the people. Raising awareness and raising money are two great ways to show your support for today’s diversity. By setting up your own charity/foundation, like the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, you get to support communities all over who are fighting for inclusiveness. To learn more about Quincy Pride events, click here

3. Be a Positive Ally

Sometimes being a supportive person is all you need to be. It can be hard to be outside the LGBTQ+ community and not understand what they are going through. Being an ally and understanding that you should accept and love everyone for who they are, is the best thing you can do. It may be difficult or shocking at first when someone tells you they are LQBTQ+, but being honest and showing them you’re there for them, gives them the assurance they need. 

4. Support an LGBTQ+ Business

A great way to support the LGBTQ+ community is by shopping and supporting their businesses. A gesture as small as ordering coffees from a gay-owned coffee shop, or hiring a transgender band for your event, gives the most significant support to these communities. Keeping their business and confidence running shows your acceptance and appreciation of them no matter how big or small their business is. 

5. Educate Yourself

Maybe you will never fully understand what the LGBTQ+ community is going through, but by educating yourself the best you can, you can see what they are fighting for. Learn and think before you speak because saying the wrong thing, even if you don’t mean it, can hurt someone if you don’t understand what they’re going through. By researching and reading articles to educate yourself on the LGBTQ+ community, you can do your part in the fight for equality and inclusion. 


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