The average wedding guest list has become smaller since the Covid-19 pandemic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. More and more couples have been having smaller and simple weddings and elopements.  Smaller weddings actually have many benefits and can even be more enjoyable and intimate for the bride and groom. Sometimes less is more! Read on to learn the five benefits of smaller weddings and simple elopements, and consider booking a wedding with Justice Lydon & Co. today!

A smaller wedding means a smaller budget

The fewer people invited means the less money going into the big day overall. Smaller weddings are great for saving money and eliminating more waste. You can send out fewer invitations, and less food goes to waste; more miniature flowers and decorations are needed. The fewer people on your guest list means the more you can save for a honeymoon or a future home with your new husband or wife.  

Fewer guests mean you can splurge on food and drinks

The fewer guests you have to feed means you can splurge on the food and drinks you offer on the big day. Offering a more gourmet dinner can spoil the guests you have invited. Opting for an open bar is a great idea as well because you know fewer guests are attending your special day. Aside from food and drinks, you can splurge on the décor and venue getting the dream wedding you always wanted. 

Lets you spend more time with your guests

Having many guests at a wedding can mean becoming overwhelmed to getting to every table to say hello and thank you. The fewer people you have at your wedding, the easier it is to make your way to everyone and spend time with them. It can be a lot of pressure trying to show your appreciation for the people who came to your wedding and feel like they got to spend time with you. Doing this and making your way to each table in a timely manner is a huge perk of a smaller-sized wedding. 

Less stress on the big day

Having fewer guests at your wedding means the fewer people you have to impress. Knowing there are fewer people to judge your wedding, it eliminates the expectations that certain guests may have. Lots of people have been to boring and stressful weddings. Eliminating some of the people on your list, you can avoid those negative expectations. You can focus on enjoying your day and making lifelong memories. 

Creates a night you will never forget

The fewer people you have at your wedding means the fewer people you have to entertain. You can focus on enjoying your special night and remember all the moments with your bride or groom. At the end of the day, your wedding is all about you. It should be a time where you feel special and loved by your family and new husband or wife. Enjoy and soak up every minute of your small wedding!

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