A lot of planning and time management is involved in planning the perfect wedding. It is important to not only stay on top of your wedding checklist of what needs to be done, but it is critical to make sure you’re going in the correct order and time frame doing so. When it comes to the brides, every wedding dress needs to get altered, no matter how perfect it first fits when it’s on. Let us help you take some of the load off your big day, and read on to learn more about when is a good time to get dress alterations and some FAQ about how the process works. 


When Is A Good Time To Get Wedding Dress Alterations?

Two months before the wedding, but no less than one month in advance is the ideal time for wedding dress alterations. Your final fitting should be done two weeks prior to your wedding in order to get the best and latest updates on how your body fits in the dress. It is important to make sure you schedule your appointments accordingly, because you want to make sure you find a time that works for you and is not too close to the big day!


How Many Fittings Do I Need?

Typically three appointments are needed with most brides. But it also depends on how much your body will be changing over the course of the wedding process, if you are trying to lose weight or not. By the time the second fitting is over, brides will have a pretty good idea of how the dress will look and feel. We like to remind our brides that the dresses when ordered are made at the largest measurements for hips, waist and bustline so it is normal to need more than one fitting to get you your perfect fit!


How Long Do Fitting Appointments Last?

The length of your appointment depends on the number of fitting you are on. For the first fitting appointment, brides can expect to be there for up to an hour. The first appointment is the most important and it’s typically where a lot of work gets done on the dress. The seamstress begins to assess your dress on the first appointment and see where she needs to begin her work. Following that appointment, each fitting afterwards requires less time in the store and less work for the seamstress. 


What Do I Bring With Me To My Appointments?

Aside from obviously your wedding gown, it is important to bring a few other items to make sure you get the perfect idea of how you will look and feel on your wedding day. First, bring the pair of wedding shoes that you will be wearing on the big day so you can get the exact length measurements needed. You should also bring any and all accessories that you anticipate you will be wearing on the day of your wedding so you and your seamstress can get a better idea of where things will fall, and what will be needed to add more sparkle to your special day. 


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