When planning a wedding, most couples want to plan everything as perfectly and smoothly as possible. Coordinating the perfect colors and patterns to a wedding is something that does not go unnoticed to guests. It is always important to avoid outdated color combos for bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen, but as well as your décor and venue. Looking to find what colors are trending this year? Take a look at our 2022 wedding colors you won’t want to miss! 



Different hues of greens are such a fun, prominent color of 2022! We saw a lot of shades of green everywhere in 2021 and as expected, it is continuing on into this year. For weddings, sage green is a very calming and soothing color that will transform the event into a memorable night. We also find that a dark emerald green can give a wedding a very royal and enchanted look. Using this color for your invitations and centerpieces would allow the room to feel very charming. Sage green and emerald green are just two shades of green that will coordinate well with other colors and patterns a bridal party might choose, making them one of our top favorite colors for weddings! 



It comes to no surprise that neutrals are a hot conversation in today’s fashion world. Not only do they pair well with blacks and basics, but they make a wonderful option for a wedding color. Neutrals make the theme of a wedding seem peaceful and not overdone, while avoiding being too bland. Incorporating neutral colors may seem simple, but it actually can give a calming and traditional look. Our favorite examples of wedding neutrals are taupe, beige, gray and cream. These colors compliment each other as well as any wedding gown or decorations. Champagne is also a wonderful neutral color that we are loving for a wedding, and the name is fitting as well!


Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a color that does not go unnoticed, and it is a common trending color we are all familiar with this year! It makes the perfect accent to any fun and loving wedding! Imagine your bouquet being filled to the brim with all elegant dusty roses, and your centerpieces at the guest tables as well. Try using actual roses on your wedding invitations in this color too, to leave your guests romanced before the event! This look and color scheme pairs perfectly with a plethora of neutrals that will compliment not just the bride, but the wedding party overall. 

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