The guest book at your wedding will become one of the most important keepsakes after the big day has come and gone. A guestbook allows you to look back at who helped you celebrate this major milestone in your life. Traditional guestbooks are just that – a book that your guests sign. That type of guestbook has been used so much that it feels lackluster to many couples and their guests. If you’re looking for something that’s unique, fun, and truly creates lasting memories, try out one of these guestbook ideas!

Polaroid Guestbook

Looking at photos of your guests will always be better than looking at a name written in a book. Of course, there are pictures from your photographer, but every guest might not get a good shot. Swap out your guestbook for a polaroid camera and some pens or markers! Each guest can take their picture and then sign that bottom or back of the photo. After the wedding, the polaroid can be put in a photo album or arranged in a frame to be hung on the wall!

Quilt Square Guestbook

This idea will take more preparation and planning, but the final product is well worth it! Provide each guest or couple with a quilt square. Place a bucket of fabric markers on each table and let your guest color! You can use blank quilt squares and let guests make their own pictures or provide quilt squares that have outlines to be filled in like an adult coloring book. After the wedding, the quilt squares can be sewn together to form a cute and cozy guestbook!

Home Décor Guestbook

Another popular guestbook trend is finding an object that can later be used as home décor. For example, a large piece of wood can be hung above your mantle. Each guest will sign the décor item similar to how they would a traditional guestbook, but now it will actually be displayed in your home! Each time you look at your new décor piece and read the names on it, you’ll be reminded of your special day.

Pinata Guestbook

This idea is for the couple that’s all about having fun together. Ask each guest to write their name along with a short note on a piece of paper. The note could be a piece of advice or a favorite memory with the soon-to-be-married couple. Each piece of paper should then be folded and placed into a pinata at the signing station. After the wedding, seal it up. Save this pinata to open on your first wedding anniversary and read all the sentimental notes inside!

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something new for your wedding guestbook. You’ll be so happy that you did! Contact Justice Lydon & Co. today to reserve an officiant for your 2022 wedding. Check out our wedding packages near Boston MA here!