If you’re engaged and struggling to pick a date, why not choose the most romantic day of the year? Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so inviting all your friends and family to celebrate yours is a beautiful way to honor the holiday. Plus, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday in 2022, so it works out perfectly! Here are a few things to consider for your Valentine’s Day wedding!

Use Reds and Pinks

Red and pink together? Absolutely! Whether you go fire-engine red or dusty rose for your main color, feel free to mix shades in the same family. For a bit of contrast, opt for white or silver accent pieces. 

Choose your shades wisely, though. Bridesmaid dresses in bright red may be overpowering in photos. Instead, reserve that shade for the bride’s lipstick, shoes, or bouquet. For bridesmaids, consider pink- or red-and-white patterned dresses for a touch of romantic whimsy. 

Red Roses 

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of red long-stemmed roses, so use them everywhere you can. The bride’s bouquet is a given, but you can also use roses on the men’s jackets and as centerpieces. Have your flower girl drop red rose petals down the aisle to tie the theme together!

Red roses are not the cheapest flower out there, so expect your flower costs to rise, especially if you want uniquely designed bouquets and arrangements. To cut the flower budget, consider using a single red rose in a tall, thin vase for an understated centerpiece. Or, go for another Valentine’s Day flower – carnations. Choose a mix of red, white, and pink varieties. 

Classic Holiday Treats

Exchanging cards and sweet treats is a favorite activity on Valentine’s Day, so invite your guests to share in some classic holiday candies! A box of assorted chocolates on each table can serve as a fun conversation piece and a delicious bit of energy to keep the party going. Conversation hearts are another great choice – and you can even have them personalized with the date, the couple’s name, or unique messages of love!

Encourage Mingling

Weddings are a great place to meet someone; love is in the air and people are having fun celebrating. For couples, a Valentine’s Day wedding is a great way to celebrate their own love. Help your single guests enjoy the day by encouraging them to mingle and meet each other. A Valentine’s Day card station with cards and pens makes exchanging phone numbers – and finding that special Valentine – easy. 


Choosing Valentine’s Day for a wedding is a lovely idea, but many of your guests may have Valentine’s traditions they usually do together. Help your guests make the day their own special day, too, by offering personalized souvenirs they can take home. Think: a Polaroid photo booth or make-your-own Valentine station.

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