With the world still trying to regain a sense of normalcy, many people are trying to make up for lost time over the last two years. Because of so many canceled events early in the pandemic, 2022 will likely see an uptick in weddings. And as with any new year, there’s going to be a ton of great new wedding trends to indulge in! Whether you’re looking for bouquet ideas, decor inspiration, or color schemes, we’ve got you covered with the wedding trends we’re predicting to see in 2022! Keep reading to get a head start on these unique trends. 

Pressed Flowers

Flowers are a significant part of pretty much any wedding celebration, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! However, they are changing a bit. With 70s style set to make a comeback, 2022 will feature then-trendy pressed flowers and designs. Invitations and place settings are two great spots to incorporate pressed flowers. Pressed flower bookmarks with the date also make lovely wedding favors! Get creative with this trend, and perhaps even make it a DIY project for you and your bridesmaids. 

Neutrals with a Pop

Muted shades of ivory, pinks, and greens will serve as the backdrop for 2022 weddings. Neutral colors are easy to source and simple to decorate around. This year, we’ll see bright pops of color against neutrals. This subtler use of color is easier to photograph and doesn’t compete with the bride and groom. 

Budget-Friendly Decor

The financial challenges of the last couple of years have affected wedded-to-be couples, so finding places to make budget cuts is going to be a priority. Embrace what’s most important to you and your partner, and don’t stress the rest! If decor isn’t your main concern, this is the perfect opportunity to go simpler and use things such as cut greenery rather than extravagant centerpieces.  DIYing some of your decor will also help to cut costs! 

Cozy Spaces

After two years of Covid-related restrictions, socializing in large groups may still feel slightly uncomfortable.  Many of us have learned to embrace the importance of our closest friends and family and may opt for a smaller wedding by choice. You can also make your wedding feel intimate and cozy by keeping the lights low and having lots of “hanging out” areas for guests who may need some downtime, either outdoors or in distanced areas. 

Letting Loose

Creating an intimate space doesn’t exclude the possibility of letting loose and having a grand time! Your 2022 wedding may be the first big event many of your guests have attended in a while, so make sure you have the space and entertainment to help them get their party on! 

Going International

Destination weddings are going to be more popular in 2022 than in previous years, thanks again to the recent global pandemic. Many people haven’t been able to travel in a couple of years, especially internationally. Have your wedding embrace the widespread wanderlust by holding it abroad or in another part of the country. Many guests will be thrilled to have the chance to travel somewhere new!

And if a destination wedding isn’t possible, bring the destination to you! Choose your flowers and colors to embrace the location, and have an authentic restaurant cater your meal using local flavors and ingredients. 

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