A big wedding ceremony with all the bells and whistles is a dream for many – but for others, not so much. If you’re more interested in getting married without having a big wedding, you might consider a wedding without a ceremony at all. It certainly saves you both a significant amount of time, stress, and money! Not sure where to begin? Here’s how to get married in Massachusetts without a ceremony. 

Do I Need to Have a Ceremony? 

If you’re getting married in Massachusetts, you might be wondering if you have to have a big ceremony to be considered legally married. After all, isn’t that when the marriage actually takes place?  Well, yes and no. While you do need someone to perform the marriage, you don’t have to have a big ceremony at a church or with a religious officiant. Here’s how to do it. 

How to Get Married Without a Ceremony

While the “I do”s are often seen as the most essential part of getting married, the license is what you need to focus on. After that, getting married quickly and privately is easy.  Here are the steps. 

Apply for Your License

First, you need to head to your local Registry Department with your fiance/e and fill out the Marriage Intention Form. This serves as a marriage license application. You will need to bring a valid ID, your social security number, the required fee, and your new name if you are changing it after the wedding. 

Get Your License

There is a three-day wait period after applying for your license. After the three days have passed, you can collect your license. You have sixty days to get married before the license expires, so if unforeseen events arise and delay your wedding, you may have to reapply. 

Schedule Your Wedding

Now that you have your license contact your City Clerk or City Registrar to schedule a ceremony. Though technically called a ceremony, a wedding at City Hall doesn’t require rings or vows. Make sure to bring your IDs and the required fee. Leave your license with your City Hall officiant for them to sign and send back to the Registrar. Congratulations – you’re married! 

Get Your Certificate

Once you’re finally married, you can request a copy of your marriage certificate. You can usually do this by mail or in person. Make sure to include the correct fee to get your certificate promptly. Make a few copies of the certificate, both digital and physical, and keep it in a safe place. 

Contact Justice Lydon & Co

If you’re ready to get started with married life immediately, let Justice Lydon & Co help you out. As the wedding experts, we’ll know just how to help you have the wedding (or non-wedding) of your dreams. Our Justice of the Peace’s can help you tie the knot without a ceremony. Give us a call today for more information, wedding advice, or immediate assistance with your big day!