Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you embrace all things ghoulish and gothic, no matter the season? If so, a Halloween-themed wedding might just be the unique concept you’ve been searching for! Check out these Halloween-themed wedding ideas that will have everyone feeling the spooky vibes on your big day.

Spooky Nails

Forget plain nude or French tip nails for your wedding; Make a statement with some custom spooky nail designs! Halloween nails will make for great close-up shots of you holding your bouquet and you holding hands with your new partner! A nude base nail can be decorated with black, orange, and purple accents. If you’re not sure where to start, let your nail tech take the lead on the design!

Till Death Do Us Part

We’ve all heard the phrase “till death do us part” before, and there’s really no better way to combine everlasting romance with Halloween. Incorporate this phrase on your wedding invitations or in an arch behind the altar.

Halloween Colors

If you’re planning a spooky wedding, you have to commit. Don’t choose a neutral color scheme that just has a few Halloween accents, go all out with a Halloween color scheme! Black, grey, purple, orange, and white are the most commonly used spooky wedding colors. Pick your colors and stick with them for your table settings, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, centerpieces, and floral arrangements.

Pumpkin Décor

Pumpkins are great decorative pieces that can be used both inside and out. Larger pumpkins can line the aisle, or small pumpkins can be filled with flowers to create gorgeous centerpieces! Pumpkin décor can become a cheap and easy DIY project for you and your bride squad to take on if you’re looking to cut costs! Everyone loves carving and painting pumpkins in the fall, so why not put them to good use.

Wear a Not-So-White Dress

White has always been the traditional color for brides to wear. White was used to symbolize purity on the wedding day. However, don’t feel like you have to conform to outdated traditions. After all, it’s not traditional to have a spooky-themed wedding, anyway! Try on a black or grey dress before you settle for white. A unique dress will really amp up the Halloween factor during the ceremony and in your wedding photos. Since non-traditional wedding dresses are becoming more common, there’s plenty of styles to choose from!

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