When you start planning a wedding, there are so many details to consider, and choosing wedding favors probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. You think it’ll be a quick and easy choice, but when you actually start looking up wedding favor inspiration, you’ll quickly realize just how overwhelming it can be! There are SO many wedding favors to choose from. While it’s important to take into consideration your own budget, it’s also important to consider how your guests will utilize their wedding favors after the big day. You don’t want to give them something that will end up being shoved in the back of a drawer, or possibly even the trash. Instead of the typical memorabilia, check out these 5 wedding favors that are actually useful!

  1. Coasters

Drink coasters are something that everyone can get use out of. Buying custom coasters in bulk is surprisingly affordable too! Stick with a design that compliments your big day without making a coaster that won’t match your guest’s décor after they get it home. Less is more in terms of coaster design!

  1. Matches

Matches have been the go-to affordable and practical wedding favor for years. It’s a classic choice that all of your guests are sure to get use out of after the big day. Matches can be customized with a cute phrase or a more minimal design with your last name and the date of the wedding.

  1. Seed Packets

Seed packets are the perfect sustainable, useful wedding favor for a spring or summer wedding! The packet itself can be customized to make them special for your wedding and the seeds inside can be planted after your guests return home. How cute is it to know that they’ll think of you and your spouse every time they look at the gorgeous flowers that grow?!

  1. Reusable Straws

Reusable straws have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. At this point, it seems like pretty much everyone takes advantage of a good stainless-steel straw! Stainless steel straws can be customized with your wedding date and name on the side. You can include a cute bag for the straw with a cleaning brush to make this wedding favor even better!

  1. Snack Bag

Adding a cute snack as a wedding favor is the ultimate affordable and useful choice. Hot chocolate mix, a DIY S’more kit, and loose-leaf tea packaged in a glass jar are just the beginning of possible wedding favor snacks. Add a cute note with “instructions” and your wedding info to make the package more than just a tasty treat!

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