From the dress to the cake to the flowers, it’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. Even if you’re having a small wedding, the planning process can be daunting. Add in the fact that now you’re supposed to plan an amazing holiday honeymoon on some tropical island? The bills – and the stress – can add up quickly! So if you’re finding that the wedding budget doesn’t leave much room for that newlywed getaway you’ve been dreaming of, we’ve got a few ideas for creative honeymoons on a budget.

  1. Don’t Wait Too Long

The earlier you’re able to book your honeymoon, the more you’ll be able to save. Starting the planning process early means you’ll have more time to not only choose where you want to go together, but you’ll also have more time to save for the budget you’ll need. Plus, flights and cruises tend to be cheaper the earlier you book.

  1. Set Up a Honeymoon Fund

If you’re already well-established in a home together, you may not need a toaster or a set of “good China.” Instead, you can ask your guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund. That way, you’re friends don’t have to go shopping for home appliances, and you get to have some extra cash to spend on the honeymoon of your dreams.

  1. Get the Newlywed Perks

While you’re on your honeymoon, tell everyone. Seriously. The best way to get a few perks during your honeymoon is to let everyone from the concierge to the maître-de to the flight attendants that you’re currently celebrating your recent wedding. Make sure to add a note when you make bookings; you might get access to better upgrades if you let them know early enough.

  1. Use Miles

International flights are notoriously expensive, so any way to save there is welcome. One great way is to use air miles accumulated by your credit card? Don’t have a card with miles? Now’s a great time to get one. If you’re planning your wedding and getting ready to pay deposits to vendors, putting them on a credit card with miles could be worth it to save on flights later on.

  1. Staycation

If all else seems out of your budget at the moment, try a staycation or a weekend getaway to a nearby city. You’ll still get to have some time together after the wedding, but you won’t feel obligated to “make the most of it” if you are still exhausted from the wedding (which you very well might be). A weekend at a nice hotel or some extra-special splurges at home can be just as meaningful to a newlywed couple as any beach-front holiday.

You can still have your dream wedding (and honeymoon), even if you’re on a budget.  Justice Lydon & Co offers small wedding packages, so you can still have the wedding of your dreams. Contact us today to start planning your small wedding near Boston MA!