Weddings have come a long way from the traditional ceremony from years ago. Couples are encouraged to add their own flair and make their big day special to just them. While personalization is becoming more common, there’s still a typical order that happens at most weddings. Knowing this schedule will give you a better idea of what to expect and any changes you would like to make to the ceremony.

The Processional

The processional is when the members of your wedding party make their entrance. This typically starts with the mother of the bride, followed by the groom, both wedding parties, then the flower girls and ring bearer. Once the flower girls have finished and everyone is in position, the bride will make her grand entrance down the aisle. Traditionally, the bride’s father walks down the aisle with her to hand her away to the groom at the altar.

Words from the Officiate

Once the bride and groom are reunited at the altar, the officiate will say a few words to the guests that are in attendance. This typically includes a thank you for coming and requests for positive thoughts or prayers for the new couple. They may say a few sentiments about how the couple met and why this day is so special.

Officiate Speaks to the Couple

Next, the officiate will speak directly to the couple. This gives the officiate an opportunity to discuss the importance of this marriage and remind both the bride and groom that this is the start of the rest of their lives. If the couple is religious, the officiate may say a prayer.

Exchanging of Vows

Now it’s time to exchange vows! An officiate may walk through prewritten vows or you can take turns exchanging vows you’ve written yourselves. This is the most intimate part of the ceremony when you make important promises to your spouse as you enter into a new marriage with them.

Exchange Rings

Once vows are completed, the officiate will ask the bride and groom to exchange their rings one at a time.

The Big Kiss

You may kiss the bride! Once vows are read and rings are exchanged, it’s time for the big kiss that seals the deal.

The Recessional

The officiate can now introduce the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Before they walk down the aisle together. Once the bride and groom have exited, the wedding party should exit in the reverse order that they entered in.

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Wedding ceremonies sound stressful, but it all flows effortlessly when you’re in the moment! Remember that your wedding should be unique to you and your partner, so you can take the liberty to adjust this traditional order in any way you choose. Contact Justice Lydon & Co today if you need help planning your small wedding ceremony or finding the perfect officiate to marry you and your fiancé.