Planning a micro wedding is one of the best ways to minimize the stress on your big day, lower the budget, and create a truly memorable day with your closest friends and family. Planning a micro wedding is much different than a traditional large wedding, but even the smallest weddings require a timeline to keep the day on track. Having a timeline makes it easier to remain respectful to the venue, your guests, and yourselves! Here is a sample guideline from the pros on how to successfully plan out your timeline.

Plan Things That Require Fixed Timelines First

You can’t plan every minute of the wedding, but you can plan the things that absolutely have to happen at a certain time. The time that the ceremony starts and ends should be set times. Smaller wedding venues often have more than one ceremony per day, so getting started late could mess up the next person’s wedding. Speak with your photographer to determine the best time for pictures based on the sun’s position throughout the day. Once you have those elements that require specific timelines planned, you can have fun with the rest of the planning!

Leave Some Wiggle Room

Don’t create a schedule that’s so packed there’s no room for variation. Some of the most memorable wedding moments are unplanned and that’s the beauty of it! As long as the fixed timeline things happen when they need to, the rest of your schedule should include plenty of wiggle room for fun memories and plenty of laughs.

Suggested Timeline

The timeline for your big day will depend on your venue and other vendors. Some of the thing’s experts suggest including in your timeline are:

  • Getting ready – this will be the time for hair, makeup, and behind the scene photos of you getting ready for the big day.
  • Ceremony – your ceremony will typically last for around 30 minutes. This is when you’ll exchange vows and make tying the knot official!
  • Photos – your photographer will capture shots throughout the day but including some dedicated, uninterrupted time to get a good variety of photos of just you and your partner is so important.
  • Reception – the length of your reception is up to you. Include an estimated timeline on your wedding invitations so guests know when they can expect to eat and what time they should be planning to head home so the reception area can be cleaned up.

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