Getting married is an exciting time, but planning the wedding is a stressful process, to say the least. One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is choosing your bridal party. Your bridal party will help you plan the wedding, pick your dress, and manage all of the wedding stress leading up to the big day. Your bridal party also traditionally plans your bachelorette party, helps you get ready on the big day, and plays an integral part of the actual wedding day. Before you start asking people to be in your bridal party, be sure to take these things into consideration! 

How Many People Will be in the Bridal Party? 

Before you can ask anyone to be in your bridal party, you have to decide how many people will be in the bridal party total. This will largely depend on the size of the venue you’re using and how big you want your wedding to be. Commit to a specific number of people for the bridal party before asking anyone. There’s nothing worse than asking too many people and having to un-ask someone closer to the big day. 

Who Can Commit the Time and Money 

Your bridal party needs to be made up of people who are reliable with both time and money. Try to get an estimate of how much it will cost each member of the bridal party. The cost includes things like their dress for the wedding, and a portion of the bridal and bachelorette party, if you’re going to ask them to help cover the cost. Once you have an estimated cost per person, try to avoid asking someone who you know can’t really afford it. They will be too embarrassed to say no but then struggle to meet the commitments because of the cost. You also shouldn’t ask someone who’s notoriously late or unreliable when you have plans. Bridal party related plans are usually time-sensitive, so constantly waiting on someone to show up will get old very quickly 

Prioritize Accordingly 

Make a list of everyone who you could ask to be in the bridal party, then pick the people first who you know you have to ask. For instance, make sure to ask your sister before asking all of your friends and excluding your sister if you know it will lead to hurt feelings and a big argument. 

Ultimately this is your wedding so you can choose whoever you want to be beside you on your big day to make it as happy and memorable as possible! If you’re looking to have a smaller wedding or elopement with a smaller bridal party, contact Justice Lydon & Co today! Learn about our available wedding packages in Quincy MA!