Summer is almost everyone’s favorite time of the year; The beautiful weather, longer days, everything just feels happier and brighter! For these reasons, it’s also the most popular time of year to tie the knot. If you’re planning a summer wedding, we have some tips to help you plan a day that’s memorable for both you and your guests! Whether you’re planning a big or small wedding, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration. It’s important to keep in mind how the warm weather will affect your big day, and what you can do to prepare! Below are some ideas to incorporate into your wedding planning. 

Weather-Appropriate Favors

If your guests didn’t come prepared for the weather, having weather-appropriate favors ready for them will be greatly appreciated! Passing out mini fans, sunglasses, or even cool towels on extremely hot days will help your guests to enjoy the ceremony. No one likes to be hot and uncomfortable, so get creative with your wedding favors to make them personable, and useful! 

Shaded Decor 

Another way to keep your guests comfortable during a summer wedding is by incorporating some shaded decor. This is especially important if you have some elder guests attending your wedding, so they can escape the beating sun for a bit. Tents, umbrella-covered seating areas, and canopies are all great ways to add some shade to open outdoor space. 

Choose Appropriate Flowers

While you’re planning decor, flowers are often a big part of wedding decor. In the summer, it’s important to choose flowers that will be able to handle the heat. It’s best to opt for tropical flowers, such as orchids, calla lilies, or sunflowers, as they can handle the weather. Other blooms such as hydrangeas or roses may wilt quickly in the heat, leaving you with a less than desirable decor-look. 

Stick to Lighter Fare & Refreshing Cocktails

No one wants to eat a heavy meal on a hot summer’s day- and then dance the night away. Try to stick to lighter fare, such as passed hors d’oeuvres, or a fresh salad with grilled chicken and seasonable vegetables. Seafood is also a popular choice for summer weddings! Serving refreshing cocktails will also help to keep your guests feeling cool. 

Opt for Lighter Fabrics

When it comes to your dress, your bridal party gowns, the groom’s suit, and even wedding guests, encourage everyone to dress in lighter, airy fabrics. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a heavy, uncomfortable dress or suit while sweltering in the sun. Plus, it’ll make for cute, casual-looking wedding photos! 


If you’re planning a small wedding for this summer, Justice Lydon & Co offers a variety of wedding packages to help you and your partner tie the knot with a memorable ceremony! Check out our wedding services in the Boston and Quincy area, and contact us to learn more.