The year 2020 brought a great amount of uncertainty, fear, and some pretty stressful times for many people. If you were planning a wedding during these times, it’s understandable that these feelings were especially heightened. From when lockdowns began last March, to reopenings including limited gathering sizes, time constraints, and unclear guidelines, to say it was difficult to plan any sort of event would be an understatement. For the wonderful couples who were able to tie the knot in the past year, we’re thrilled you were able to still move forward with your big day even if it looked different than originally planned, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness! If you rescheduled your 2020 wedding for next year or are currently planning a 2021 wedding, you may still be questioning what to expect. While the state of the world is still uncertain, there are a few trends and elements of weddings that we’re expecting to see in 2021. Here’s what we believe weddings will look like next year! 

Small Intimate Weddings 

If there’s one takeaway we have from the past year, it’s the importance of connection to our closest family and friends. While big events are fun and exciting, small intimate gatherings with the ones you love most have proven to be incredibly special. We expect that in 2021, the focus on small intimate weddings will continue to be a trend, whether it be because of state guidelines or by choice. Not only is it more practical budget-wise, but without the stress of planning a big event, it allows couples to really enjoy their special day more with their family and friends. 

A Shift Towards Virtual & Electronic 

For years, Zoom has been used to communicate for meetings and other professional purposes. But, who knew it would become such a staple in everyday life! Since travel and gathering sizes have been limited, many couples that chose to still have their wedding this past year have taken advantage of Zoom and other virtual opportunities to be able to include those from far and near to be part of their special day. Although we hope that in 2021 we’ll be able to have larger in-person gatherings, we suspect that many couples will still take advantage of virtual opportunities to give more people the chance to witness their big milestone. We also saw many couples sending e-invites this year, as there were shipping delays. Not only can invites get to guests quicker this way, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly choice, and we expect to see a shift towards this next year, too. 

Emphasis on Health & Safety

While we’re feeling hopeful for a better 2021 where things may get back to some sort of “normalcy,” unfortunately, the reality is that this virus will still largely affect our lives for quite some time. The focus on health and safety for all wedding guests, venue staff, and the wedding party will be crucial. From wearing masks to taking precautions when it comes to food and sanitation, the emphasis on keeping everyone safe will be key. 

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