There are many factors that go into planning your perfect wedding; From finding the dress of your dreams, to the guests you invite, the menu, decor, and everything in between. The first, and perhaps the most important decision you’ll have to make, is when you’ll get married. There are perks to having your wedding during any season. Spring and summer are popular for those who love the warm weather and sun-soaked ceremonies. For those that crave the magic of a light snowfall and holiday decor, winter can also be a beautiful season for your wedding.  However, we can’t help but think that nothing beats the crisp air, rich palettes, and stunning decor of fall weddings. With fall also being the season of romance, it’s no surprise that fall is an ideal season for many brides. If you’re unsure if a fall wedding is right for you, check out 4 of the top reasons why fall has become the perfect season to tie the knot. 

Ideal Weather 

Everybody wants nice weather on their wedding day. If your ideal day is warm enough that you could have the option for an outdoor cocktail hour, but not so hot and humid that you’re sweating through your designer dress, then fall is for you. September-November typically tends to be perfect weather for a wedding. You won’t have to worry about your guests feeling like they’re going to faint in the hot sun during the ceremony, and there is usually less humidity in the fall, too. This also gives you more options for your beauty styling, without having to worry about your hair frizzing up or makeup melting off. 


The summer is so short, and it seems like every weekend gets booked up before you know it. Although people take more time off during the summer, this also means that they might be traveling a bit more. In the winter, people are stressed with holiday shopping and you may run into inclement weather, making it difficult for people to travel. If you want to make it convenient for everyone to be able to come to your wedding, fall is your best bet. People are less likely to have conflicting plans or obligations, so you’ll be getting mainly “yes’s” when the RSVP cards go out. 

Gorgeous Color Palettes

You’ll notice that most summer and spring weddings stick to pastel color palettes, while winter brides are more likely to have rich, dramatic hues. In the fall, there’s really no set rules. Of course, colors like burgundy, rust, gold, and earth tones all tend to be popular in the fall. However, you can pick any color scheme you love, and it’ll still go with the season!


If you’re trying to keep your budget for decor on the lower end, fall offers plenty of seasonal decor looks that won’t break the bank. It’s easy to utlize more natural decor in the fall, such as pumpkins, decorative gourds, birch branches, and colorful leaves to create an aesthetically pleasing seasonal look. 

While all seasons offer something special, the perks of a fall wedding are undoubted. If you’re planning a wedding for the fall season, consider reaching out to us Justice Lydon & Co. to inquire about the wedding packages we offer, including small chapel weddings, elopements, and more. Give us a call at (617) 472-7423 or fill out an online form to get started on planning your dream fall wedding!