The unprecedented times that we’re enduring have had a substantial impact on everyone in many ways, and especially those that were planning their big day for 2020. Weddings are something that are planned months or years in advance, and no one could have predicted that this pandemic would have altered the plans of thousands of brides and grooms across the world. If your wedding has already been canceled, postponed, or is coming up and the destiny for your day is still unknown, we understand that it is extremely disappointing and overwhelming. 

There will be a lot of decision making and planning that goes into the canceling or postponing of your wedding. From letting your guests know, to finding a new date, to determining what is realistic for your new wedding ceremony. At Justice Lydon & Co., we’re here to help and offer a variety of different wedding services and packages that’ll allow you and your partner to still enjoy the special day that you deserve.  

Planning a Different Kind of Wedding 

Your original wedding dreams may have consisted of a huge elegant wedding at a fancy venue. However, with the restrictions on large groups at this time, it’s difficult to determine when that may be a reality. While some couples will wait it out and reschedule for a later date, you and your partner may have been waiting for this day for a while, and want to tie the knot soon regardless of what the ceremony consists of. This pandemic has made many people cherish the closeness of small groups, appreciating the love and support of their closest friends and family. You may realize that a smaller wedding surrounded by just those people would be just as special! At Justice Lydon & Co., we have several wedding packages that we’re still offering during this time to give you and your partner a memorable day.  

Sweet & Simple Chapel Package

You can still say “I do” in front of your closest friends and family with our Sweet & Simple Chapel wedding! Exchange your vows with one another during our Justice of the Peace ceremony in a beautiful chapel, with 5 of the most important people in your life to witness this special day. 

The Waterfall Package 

Our Waterfall Weddings make a beautiful setting for a memorable day, and gorgeous photos to remember it. There is standing room for up to 10 guests to join you on your special day! 

Drive Through Weddings

No need to fly to vegas- You can do a drive-through wedding right here in Quincy, Massachusetts! Justice Michelle will marry you in your car, whether it be a limo, pickup truck, VW bug, or any vehicle of your choosing. This is a fun and easy way for couples to tie the knot quickly. You’ll be married in less than 15 minutes! 

One Day Marriage- Elopements

Skip the ceremony! If all you need to make the day special is you and your partner, why not elope? We make last-minute elopements quick and easy at Justice Lydon & Co. Check out our one-day marriage process to learn more about this option!

Contact Justice Lydon & Co.

If we can help in any way to make your wedding day special, please reach out to us! You can give us a call at (617) 472-7423 or fill out an online form to get in touch. We look forward to giving many bridges and grooms a wonderful day to remember.