White winter snow is the perfect backdrop for show-stopping wedding pictures, but it’s hard to look at those pictures without wondering how cold the bride must be! Choosing a dress for your winter wonderland wedding is a bit more complicated than choosing one for a spring or summer ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a dress that you love! 

1. Choose Warm Fabrics

Certain materials are naturally warmer than others. While a velvet or silk Mikado dress might be a nightmare during a summer ceremony, it’s the perfect choice during the winter. Ask to try on dresses that specifically feature warmer fabrics. 

2. Sleeves Are Your Friend

Wedding dresses with sleeves are elegant, beautiful, and warm! If you have your heart set on a sleeveless dress, try to come in with an open mind and think about how grateful you’ll be for those sleeves when you’re standing in the winter weather. There are a variety of different sleeve styles and fabrics, from lace to mesh. There is bound to be a style that suits you!

3. The Bigger the Better

Dresses with lots of layers help to insulate against the cold and keep you warmer. Layers of tulle and taffeta create a princess effect and flatter nearly every body type, plus they’ll keep you from shivering while you say your vows! If you have your heart set on a mermaid or tighter style, try to look for a dress with several layers or warmer fabrics.

4. Find Cozy Accessories 

Capes, jackets, and faux fur stoles are all trendy ways to warm up your wedding pictures in the snow. These cozy accessories are also helpful if you’re moving between venues or leaving your reception later in the evening. Make sure to purchase any wedding accessories from somewhere that allows returns, just in case it doesn’t pair as well with your dress as you imagine it in your head. 

5. Choose Multiple Dresses 

Having a second dress to wear inside during your reception is a popular choice among brides of any season. Reception dresses are often smaller, slinkier, and overall lighter than your actual wedding dress. Not only will this keep you from being too hot, but it will make dancing, drinking, and eating much more comfortable too! 

If getting married in a winter wonderland is your dream, don’t let the cold scare you away. Having a winter wedding that you love is possible as long as you know what to look for in a dress. Try on a variety of dresses, visit multiple dress stores, and don’t settle for anything that you don’t love! After all, you only get married once. 

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