Congrats, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to decide when you want to get married and start the wedding planning process.

When it comes to deciding when your big day will be, it’s important to factor in the most popular times of the year for weddings. Like anything, these time periods have pros and cons. Some pros include temperature weather and easy to book travel and accommodations. Some cons of getting married during peak wedding season include a high demand for venues and vendors so if you’re not in the market for a long engagement, it might be difficult to book the location and vendors that you want. 

So, what are the most popular wedding months?

5. August

Around 10% of couples decide to get married in August and rightfully so – The weather is typically warm and it’s a popular month for vacationing, making it more likely that your guests will feel more inclined to travel for your special day. The only downside of getting married in August is that it is the start of hurricane season on the East Coast so there is an element of risk associated with hosting an August wedding down south.

4. May

Springtime is known for being a time of warmer weather, a feeling of renewal, and a celebration of the winter weather ending. May is actually the month that kicks of wedding season, which runs through October. Since it is the very beginning of wedding season, wedding venues and vendors will be more in-demand, so you’ll be facing more competition.

3. June

A month of rest and relaxation, it’s not surprising June is one of the most popular wedding months! June tends to have warm temperatures that are milder than the hot summer months, making it great for an outdoor wedding.

2. September

Couples love fall weddings but always want the warmer temperatures that go along with the summer, making September the perfect time to wed! You’ll be able to enjoy mild temperatures and fall feelings. 

1. October

October has been one of the most popular wedding months for the past few years and is one of the best months to get married, especially if you love fall! There’s a cozy vibe to the month, while having crispy fall air and beautiful changing leaves.

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